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Dream A Little Dream With Me: An Aquarius New Moon Ritual

Dream A Little Dream With Me: An Aquarius New Moon Ritual

With astrology, I always work with the energies present, not against them. When the sun and Moon get together, it’s a time the moon recharges from the sun’s energetic force. The moon then begins it’s journey of birthing new visions of all kinds.


When I think of Aquarius, I think of forward thinking, rebellion, independence, and quirky behavior. Aquarius also rules our hopes and dreams. This New moon I challenge you to dig deep and ask for just that. With hopes of you living your best life, I have created this New Moon Ritual just for you!

First, we will start by meditating, sitting or lying down, whichever is most comfortable to you. Visualize what these dreams look like from beginning to end. Sort of like playing a movie in your mind as if these dreams have already happened. This will assist you with your manifestations. Remember to be very specific. If you like, you may use crystals during your meditation. A few crystals that resonate with Aquarius energy are Labradorite, Moonstone, and Amethyst. If you don’t have any of these, Clear Quartz will work just fine!

Once you have ended your meditation, take out some paper and begin to write your petition. You want to use phrases like, I have and I am to start each dream you are wanting to manifest. I have included a few below for examples:

“I have received a promotion at work receiving my negotiated salary.”

“I am in Jamaica on the beach having a pina colada as my future husband approaches me”

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Have fun with it!

Once you have completed your list, you will close with the following:

“I give thanks to the universe for all things above and for assisting in manifesting in perfect alignment with my highest and greatest good. So it is.”

Sign your name and tuck this page away. Your dreams are on the way…

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