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Drink like an Avenger: Take the Endgame Avengers Cocktail Quiz!

Drink like an Avenger: Take the Endgame Avengers Cocktail Quiz!

Take the quiz below to see what Avengers cocktail you should be stylin before the Endgame premiere. Fansite the-more-i-arty has even more cocktails to try after the jump.


On the eve of the final battle with Thanos, the Avengers hold a drinking contest. Who is the winner?

After ten or so shots of B-52, Carol suggests a drunken race down the Avengers Tower. Who wins?

Who makes the best drinking buddy?

Pick your poison

Your flavor profile preference is

Drink like an Avenger: Take the Endgame Cocktail Quiz!
The Incredible Hulk

Hulk smash with this classic cocktail made with equal parts Hennessy and Hypnotiq. You like your liquor smooth despite packing a punch, so pregame one before Endgame! Checkout for the recipe.
Classic Manhattan

Like Steve and Peggy, you prefer a smooth classic with a bite. The sweetness of the cherries and Vermouth help set off the bitter citrus aroma of the 1940's throwback still popular today.
White Russian

Like Natasha, you have a mysterious side, but ultimately you are on the side of good. A splash of cream brings a milky sweetness to a Black Russian, which is dominated with dark coffee notes and sharp vodka.
Shirley Temple

You're not much of a drinker. Like Shuri and Peter, you prefer not to cloud your judgement. Have all the flavor of a delicious mocktail with this ginger ale and grenadine concoction. If you're feeling adventurous, add a nip of vodka to make it a Dirty Shirley instead.

Don't let the suggestion scare you- with the boom in craft beers, there's a flavor for everyone. Skip the cocktail and go for something simple. Fruity sours are refreshing in warm spring weather and sweet mead uses honey to brew up light concoctions.

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