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Erica Sinclair From ‘Stranger Things’ Embodies Black Girl Magic

Erica Sinclair From ‘Stranger Things’ Embodies Black Girl Magic

Stranger Things Erica Sinclair Black Girl Magic

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Black girl magic is undeniably a momentous movement to have black girls standing firm in their worth, celebrating their existence, and being proud our melanin.

Stranger Things Erica Sinclair Black Girl Magic

Representation across all mediums has been one of the best ways to celebrate black girl magic.

Erica Sinclair from Netflix’s popular Stranger Things debuted during the second season as a minor character that called her older brother, Lucas, a nerd. The Sinclair family, although only briefly depicted in the series, is an African American family with a two parent household in Indiana in the 80s. Lucas has proven to be one of the premier voices of reason within the series as well, which has a mostly white cast.

Erica Sinclair exudes Black Girl Magic energy.

Warning: Spoilers for third season of Stranger Things

Erica, played by Priah Ferguson, becomes a key, main player in the third season of the hit show and ends up becoming a part of a team that consist of Dustin, Steve, and newcomer Robin.

She helps them infiltrate the Russian base underneath Starcourt Mall by making them promise a lifetime supply of ice cream from Scoops Ahoy.


She also clearly is in this for herself which is not a bad thing. Erica is sure of what she wants, knows her worth, and will not settle for less.

Stranger Things Erica Sinclair Black Girl Magic

She delivers witty one-liners (“You can’t spell America without Erica”) and clever comebacks (“You know what I love most about this county? Capitalism.) She’s sassy, classy and clears up all our skins.

Her quintessential 80’s mall rat style paired with her snarky personality add a vibrancy to the inanimate character that is the Starcourt Mall, an entity that has taken over the town of Hawkins–having aided in several small businesses closing–as well as provides a neon coated front for the Russians who are attempting to open the Upside Down portal.

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Stranger Things Erica Sinclair Black Girl Magic

Much like her older brother in the first season, Erica becomes a take-no-prisoners voice of reason for the cast throughout all the crazy, Russian conspiracy, otherworldly science fiction drama that is Stranger Things season 3.

She stands so firmly in her truth and cannot be swayed by anything or anyone that does not benefit her first. She bluntly tells Dustin that his initial plan to have her crawl into a vent is child endangerment as well as shut down Murray’s “waltz” into “commie Disneyland”.

Stranger Things Erica Sinclair Black Girl Magic

Erica is nonplussed with any of the major plot points (such as Russians in Hawkins, Demongorgons, or portals to other dimensions) but is more so unable to believe that her brother was involved in any of it.

He is a nerd, after all.

If we could all channel more of Erica’s fierce energy then we’d all be better for it. Stranger Things is now on Netflix.

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