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[FILM REVIEW] The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part Comes Up Short

[FILM REVIEW] The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part Comes Up Short

The Lego Movie 2 is another sequel that doesn’t live up to its predecessor.

Now, I loved the first Lego movie because it was a unique product. It gave an experience that was fun not only for kids, but for everyone who saw it.

At the end of the first movie, we saw real life father and son playing with the Legos. The father then tells the son that he’ll have to let his sister play with him, which leads to where this movie picks up: with alien Legos invading Bricksburg, the city our characters live in.

This leads to the city being destroyed and getting turned into Apocalypseburg, which is essentially the Lego version of Mad Max. Everyone is meaner and has “grown up” to the reality of the world they live in. Everyone has high expectations of our main character Emmet—who’s still singing ‘everything is awesome!”. It is not awesome however, and this leads our characters into the journey to stop ‘Our-Mom-Ageddon’. I’m pretty sure you can figure out what that means.

Everything that made the previous movie great is still here in the sequel. The animation of a Lego is always fantastic to see. The animators and designers of the movie did a really solid work with changing a vibrant world into a desolate landscape.

Each character has a unique personality, which is brought on by the casting. Every voice actor brings their character to life in various ways. The standout is Unikitty, a sweet cat with a horn that when angry, turns into a bonafide robot death machine.

My main issue with this movie was that the overall adventure wasn’t as good as the first. I felt that they meshed the toys’ adventure too much with the real world son and daughter drama. The journey the toys are on is a product of the kids imagination and storyline; it wasn’t bad but I could’ve done with not seeing them for what felt like every other scene.

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Now I know this is a kids movie, but there seemed to be just a tad bit too much singing. I believe the first movie had about two songs that the characters sang—maybe three. This time around there were about five songs in the movie, and while they weren’t bad, it did become overwhelming after a time..

Lego Movie 2: The Second Part just did not have the same impact as the first. It’s a sequel that is marred by the success of the first movie so much, that it can’t get out of its own shadow.

Despite some glaring faults, this movie is in fact a fun time. The kids will love it and that’s definitely what matters!

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