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[Film Review] Us: A Thriller That Leaves You Wanting More

[Film Review] Us: A Thriller That Leaves You Wanting More

Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ continues the trend that he set in his movie ‘Get Out’. Thought provoking, subtle hints to the world we live in, and building a creepy atmosphere that has you on the edge of your seat.

Right at the beginning of the movie Peele is building the world we are about to partake in. Talking about abandoned tunnels underneath America and a old charity event, Hands Across America, that took place in 1986. This starts us down the rabbit hole that ‘Us’ has made and the ride doesn’t stop.

The star of this movie is Adelaide, played by Lupita Nyong’o, who experienced a trauma during her childhood. Her parents took her to the beach, where she got lost in a mirror fun house and she experiences more that just a reflection in there.

Fast forward to the present day and she is on her way back to that same beach courtesy of her own family. Her husband Gabriel, daughter Zora, and son Jason. Gabriel is played Winston Duke, Lupita’s co-star from Black Panther, Shahadi Wright Joespeh and Evan Alex as Zora and Jason respectively.

This brings us to what this movie is about, Lupita’s family meeting their creepy doppelgangers. This sets off a chain of events that takes us down a rabbit hole that your’re not really sure where it ends or begins. This movie is not your typical horror movie that one might expect, it teeters the line but never passes it other than being a thriller.

That does not take anything away from this movie however. The home invasion scene when the family meets their counterparts is a glorious piece of work. Each cast member plays their other half but Lupita is the stand out easily. Playing the mom that’s doing anything she can to survive versus the raspy voice counterpart that’s on a path for vengeance. It makes for a very nice dynamic between the characters who just want to live.

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Jordan Peele manages to create a world where nothing seems to be out the ordinary when it actually is. He builds a tense atmosphere that’s nearly uncomfortable to watch and every aspect of this movie is designed to keep the audience guessing. There are things left unexplained that you have no choice but to come up with your own theories. Throughout all of this Jordan Peele being the comedian he is, brings a humorous flavor that could only be done by him.

I won’t give much else away other than that because if I did I would spoil the movie. There are a few twists and turns that will leave you unsure of how you feel about what you just witnessed. That’s how I felt when I left and knew that a second viewing would be required.

‘Us’ is a work of art that doesn’t rely on scare tactics, but its ability to have you question the world.  It gives you a story that you’ll want to see to its end.

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