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First Impressions: Ao no Flag Manga Vol. 1 Review — Is It Worth Your (Quarantine) Time?

First Impressions: Ao no Flag Manga Vol. 1 Review — Is It Worth Your (Quarantine) Time?

Ao no flag blue flag manga

Ao no Flag (aka Blue Flag) manga vol. 1 took me by surprise! If you’re looking for a manga with an unrequited love square, this will be your jam.

Welcome to the short-term First Impressions Series! Where I review a handful of mangas’ first volumes and tell you if it’s worth reading during this crazy quarantine (or any other free time you have in the future).

Ao no flag blue flag manga

When I sifted through the box VIZ Media blessed me with, the Ao no Flag manga was the one I chose to read first.

Sometimes, you have a hunger to vicariously live through someone else’s love story since you don’t have one of your own (me. it me.). And that’s just what this manga offers, and a twist!

I’d highly recommend you read the summary on the VIZ Media website for this manga instead of the back of the manga itself; it gives too much away in my opinion.

But if you want to know a little more than what’s offered on Viz Media’s website, I’ll dish without giving away too much.

I say Ao no Flag is a love square, but the cover and summary only focuses on three characters: Taichi Ichinose, Futaba Kuze, and Touma Mita. The fourth person in the mix is Futaba’s good and beautifully fierce friend, Masumi Itachi.

Taichi Ichinose

ao no flag blue flag taichi ichinose

Awkward. A little unkempt. Stereotypically an “outcast.” Taichi is one of the main MAIN characters that’s focused on the most (aside from Futaba) in the first volume at least. We learn a lot about his character and dynamics with the other characters. Mita and Taichi are constantly coming together and the contrast physically and charismatically is blaring, yet Mita seems to always buddy-up to his long-time friend while Taichi himself tries to keep his distance. It feel like he doesn’t believe he belongs around him. Hmmm…


Futaba Kuze

Kuze Futaba ao no flag blue flad manga

Ahhh, our hamster. (You’ll eventually find some hilarious she-woman/hamster hybrid illustrations relating to Futaba, but I digress). She’s called a hamster because she’s short, round-faced, and meek. She’s the girl that’s crushing HARD on someone, but feels like she struggles with showing up to get their attention. I personally think she’s adorable, and so does most of the manga world (from what I’ve seen so far). And in an “awe… you poor cute thing, you” kinda way. 


Mita Touma

ao no flag blue flag manga mita touma

Mita is a sweetheart, but what else would you expect from the stereotypically charismatic, handsome, tall. muscular guy? Of course, all the girls SWOON over him, but he seems to have his eye on someone in particular, but is single as a pringle otherwise.


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Itachi Masumi

Itachi Masumi

Itachi is another stereotype! Yay! Do you ever notice how in anime the most cold, blunt, hard-nosed characters always have blunk black hair and narrowed eyes? Like they’re always skeptical of EVERYTHING!

Welp, Itachi is that. But we see her soft underbelly a time or two, and she is gorgeous! She’s like the female version of Mita, physically. Aaaaand she throws a wrench into this sotryline toward the end of volume 1 so get excited for THAT! 🙂

They all have pining crushes on people that don’t feel the same way (I think? I’d have to read past this manga to see how their crushes flesh-out!)

Vol. 1 Rating: 4/5 – Keep in mind that I think the messy-haired boy, Taichi, is cute eye candy. I’m sensually frustrated during social isolation and can’t even be freely entertained by my semi-crush at Trader Joe’s, so I’m vicariously living through multiple crushes in this manga!

Even so, I believe I’d dig the plot regardless and I wanna know what happens next!

Is the manga worth continuing? Yes!

Don’t forget to grab your copy from VIZ Media, and let’s talk about volume 1 and whether or not you’d continue it over in the Quirktastic friendship app!

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