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For Absolutely No Reason At All, Here’s 20 Of The Greatest Movies Featuring Good Ol’ “Mary Jane”

For Absolutely No Reason At All, Here’s 20 Of The Greatest Movies Featuring Good Ol’ “Mary Jane”

April is a fun month for many reasons.

Spring is finally here, along with much-needed warm weather. Daylights savings is in full-throttle, meaning longer days and ample freedom to hang out and spend some much-needed time outdoors soaking up sun. And finally, there are the holidays.

Kooky ones like: April Fool’s, Unicorn Day, Peanut Butter and Jelly Day, and even “Talk Like Shakespeare Day”.

And historical ones like Easter: wonderful church services, and (for those who celebrate the more secular side), The Easter Bunny and egg hunts galore!

Today, specifically, doesn’t seem to be particularly special than any other day this month (apart from it being Saturday), so, for totally random and totally unimportant reasons, here’s a list of the best films in the past few decades featuring stoners and a mysterious gal everyone nicknames “Mary Jane”.





1. Dazed and Confused (1993)

One of my personal all-time favorite films, Dazed and Confused is a fun and chill slice-of-life flick that explores the escapades of high school students in 1976. Specifically, during their last day of school. From busted parties, paddles, car chases, and deep talks about the recreational crops hidden in Mount Vernon, Dazed and Confused captures the perfect care-free vibe of summer days chilling with friends and getting into good old-fashioned trouble.


2. Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle (2004)

The things you do when you “gots the munchies“! Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle is one of the most hilarious stoner films of the early 2000s.  After a simple quest to get some scrumptious sliders from the eponymous “White Castle” goes awry, titular characters Harold and Kumar find themselves in increasingly wacky situations, from being attacked by squirrels, performing an impromptu surgery on a gunshot victim, to smoking reefer with an escaped cheetah, and getting locked in jail. In the end though, the sliders were (sorta) worth it.

3. Friday (1995)

The film that spawned some of the most worn out memes in the past few years, Friday is nonetheless an absolute classic film with hilarious comedic timing, and starring none other than Ice Cube and Chris Tucker.

Part of what makes Friday so memorable is just how damn quotable it is! From the beginning of the film to the end, there’s at least one line that’ll turn into an inside joke to be used for years to come. In addition, Friday has some of the funniest and most memorable characters of any comedy film, such as crackhead Ezal, intimidating Deebo, Pastor Clever (played by the late Bernie Mac) and (of course) Felisha. Enough said!


4. Up In Smoke (1978)

Ah, the OG stoner film of them all (starring the OG stoners themselves)!  Veterans Richard “Cheech” Marin and Tommy Chong star in this hilarious comedy about a pair of stoners who try to get their lives together while trying to obtain a van made entirely out of weed, and fail in a series of wacky misadventures.

Like Harold and Kumar, Cheech and Chong find themselves on the wrong end of the law, fighting rabid animal (droppings), and dropping super quotable jokes along the way. Up in Smoke is a classic that created the “stoner genre” and influenced all the subsequent films that would be made in it. Gather some friends and snacks and tune in to this absolutely fun romp!


5. Dude, Where’s My Car? (2000)

To be honest, I used this phrase for the entirety of my early elementary school and middle school years (along with the rest of my classmates). I mean come on, it was one of the OG memes! And in this classic flick starring the awesome Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott, two stoner buddies get absolutely toked one raucous night, and awaken the next day to find that Jesse (Kutcher)’s car has disappeared, leading to wacky and totally sci-fi adventures as they attempt to find it.

6. This Is The End (2013)

Co-produced by Seth Rogan, and starring an impressive ensemble cast including Aziz Ansari, Jonah Hill, James Franco, Kevin Hart, and Craig Robinson, This Is The End is a super fun and hilarious disaster comedy that focuses on the escapadees of a bunch of totally stoned and pretentious actors during the end of the world. With many memeable moments and a hilarious cameo by Rihanna, This Is The End is certainly a flick to binge if you haven’t already!

7. Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)

Another personal fave, Fast Times At Ridgemont High is certainly one of the most aggressively 80’s films out of this list, but the teen romp still makes for some great fun with all the debauchery, high school shenanigans, and cheesy 80’s dialogue. Sean Penn stars as perpetually stoned surfer Spicoli, who spends most of the film high out of his mind and enraging his uber strict US History teacher Mr. Hand, while Jennifer Leigh plays Stacey, a cute but inexperienced high schooler who finds herself having a bit of an awkward—but in many ways relatable—sexual awakening as she undergoes a romantic coming-of-age and finds herself caught in the middle of a love triangle between two best buds.

In addition to this, those with a keen eye might spot some other familiar faces among this rowdy bunch (such as a young Forest Whitaker playing a buffed, hunky football star)!

8. How High (2001)

Starring the incredible Redman and Method Man as Jamal and Silas, How High is another stoner classic that follows the adventures of two friends who, after smoking some rather… magical marijuana, ace their college entrance exams and wind up—of all places— at Harvard. While Jamal and Silas navigate the unique campus culture of a hoity toity Ivy League school, they find themselves in deep trouble when they run out of their magical reefer, and have to survive Harvard on their own wits and cleverness. I don’t know about you, but this is one flick that never fails to crack me up no matter how many times I see it!

9. Pineapple Express (2008)

Another awesome James Franco and Seth Rogan team up, Pineapple Express follows the hilarious and unfortunate adventures of Dale (Rogan) and his marijuana plug Saul (Franco) as they find themselves forced to flee and dodge the wrath of hitmen and a corrupt police officer after witnessing them commit a murder. Full of laughs, funny banter, and the quirky style of humor that only Rogan can do best, Pineapple Express is a fave that’s perfect to watch with friends while snacking and partaking in…wholesome, responsible activities.

10. Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie (1980)

Cheech and Chong back at it again! In this follow-up to their debut film Up In Smoke, Cheech and Chong go on another wacky weed-filled adventure filled with dirty jokes, catchy songs, and totally cosplayable outfits. Not to mention, the ending totally takes you on a “trip to outer space man, courtesy of some really random but apparently super powerful “space coke”. Don’t even ask. Just watch it, trust me!

11. Super Troopers (2001)

The first film in the now wildly popular cult franchise, Super Troopers is the epitome of a stoner flick—from the perspective of a wacky team of incompetent Highway Patrolmen at least! Things escalate out the wazoo in this comedy flick, with the highway patrolman getting into it with stoner teenagers, rival local police force, each other, and strangely tattooed drug dealers. Definitely a must watch for fans of Hot Fuzz and Reno 911!

12. Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989)

Okay, while *technically* not a “stoner movie”, you couldn’t tell me that Bill (Alex Winter) and Ted (Keanu Reeves) weren’t absolutely high out of their minds in this film! From their slow, surfer boy drawls, to their wacky catchphrase “Excellent!” being used nearly every 3 seconds in the film, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure certainly takes the cake as one of the funniest stoner inspired flicks out there!

13. Don’t Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood (1996)

Let me first say that the Wayans Bros are some damn fools, and this film never fails to reduce me to tears from laughing whenever I watch it! Parodying several popular “hood” films of the mid 80s’ to 90s (Menace II Society, Boys In The Hood, South Central, Do The Right Thing, etc.) Don’t Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood is an iconic comedy film that is just so outrageous and wacky that it just might have been written under the influence of somethin’.

Featuring Shawn Wayans as Ashtray—Tray for short— and a gang of other characters like Loc Dog(Marlon Wayans), Toothpick, Dashiki, Crazy Legs, Doo Rag, and so many more, Don’t Be A Menace follows the increasingly ridiculous escapades of this motley crew as they survive the hood, fall in love, and just do some straight up foolish mess (in the best way). Honestly, don’t even take my word for it, just watch it. You will not be disappointed!

14. Beavis and Butthead Take America (1996)

Ah, another favorite duo of mine! Beavis and Butthead took over the 90’s with their hilarious and absolutely stoner-rific animated series, but it was the debut film Beavis and Butthead Do America that really cements this pair as one of the stoner genre’s most hilarious and memorable characters! “After a surreal dream of the two of them menacing a city as giants, Beavis and Butthead wake up to realize that someone has stolen their television. The pair then embark on a quest [across America] to find it.”

With raunchy jokes, whimsical storylines, and material that’s only a tad bit less offensive than typical South Park fare, Beavis and Butthead Do America is a surefire flick to pop in whenever you’re in the mood for some good ol’, wacky stoner comedy!


15. Tenacious D In: The Pick of Destiny (2006)

“‘Cause it’s the pick! Of Destiny, child!”

I love Jack Black, and I love Tenacious D, so when this film came out in 2006, little middle school me was stoked! With hilarious, raunchy humor, and a soundtrack that’s both catchy and super memeable, Tenacious D in: The Pick Of Destiny is a stoner-esque film that will no doubt be holding a strong cult following over for years to come! I mean come on, just read to the plot itself: starring Tenacious D members Jack Black and Kyle Gass, Tenacious D in: The Pick Of Destiny is a fictional story set in the 90s about the band’s origins and their journey to find a pick belonging to Satan that allows its users to become rock legends.


See Also

16. Mallrats (1994)

One of the most 90’s films on this list, Mallrats is a hilarious fare that follows the escapades of dorky bffs T.S (Jeremy London) and Brodie(Jason Lee) who take a trip to the mall to clear their heads and soothe their hearts after being dumped by their bombshell girlfriends Brandie (Claire Forlani) and Rene(Shannon Doherty).

While the two bumbling pair try their hardest to ease their jealousy at their exes’ new beaus and romantic escapades, they run in with a hilarious crowd of characters like stoners Jay and Silent Bob, Stan Lee (RIP), and even the Easter Bunny! A lot more wackiness ensues the longer they adventure through the mall, so be sure to pop this flick in when you’re next in the mood for some witty and nostalgic teen comedy!

17. The Big Lebowski (1998)

Featuring one of my faves Steve Buscemi, The Big Lebowski is an absolutely hilarious film following the escapades of one Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski (played by Jeff Bridges) who, after a case of mistaken identity, finds himself roughed up, and his precious rug victimized by bodily fluids.

Seeking revenge, he tracks down his namesake, wealthy philanthropist “Jeffrey Lebowski” (Dave Huddleston) for compensation. Though things don’t go his way, The Dude finds himself in another pickle after Jeffrey Lebwoski’s wife Bunny gets kidnapped and held for ransom. With no other choice but to save her, The Dude and his two best friends Donny and Walter, go on a hilarious quest to find the kidnappers.

18. Half-Baked (1998)

Let me say that Dave Chapelle is also a damn fool that never fails to leave me in hysterics! And in his film Half-Baked, the comedy master does no different. Following four stoner friends: Kenny, Scarface, Brian, and Thurgood, Half-Baked paints a funny tale of what happens when Thurgood, a janitor at a medical lab, brings home some super crazy strong weed  for the four to smoke. Following the insane high that hits them like a truck, Brian finds himself on the wrong end of the law, which forces the remaining three to somehow find 1 million dollars in order to bail him out before prison eats him alive.

Ridiculous comedy, awesome wardrobes, and a beautiful love interest cleverly named “Mary Jane”, how high is definitely one of the funnest stoner films on this list, perfect to watch with your own squad of quirky friends!

19. Clerks (1994)

“I wasn’t even supposed to be here today!”

Poor Dante finds himself with one hell of a work day in this hilarious black-and-white indie comedy. After his boss calls him into work on his day off to cover for another employee who’s fallen sick, Dante finds himself dealing with ridiculous, over-the-top customers, chewing gum jammed in the worst of places, rooftop hockey games, and both an unexpected death and engagement announcement.

Relatable Dante. We all feel you.

Clerks also features familiar and hilarious characters Jay and Silent Bob from Mallrats, who stop by Dante’s convenience store to wreak stoner havoc and work on his last nerves. For those of us who’ve been through the annoying work-filled grind, Clerks is a film that’s certainly full of fun humor, relatability, and inside-joke worthy quotes!

20. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001)

Speaking of Jay and Silent Bob, the stoner pair found themselves so popular that they went ahead and starred in their own film! Played by Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith respectively, Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back follows the bumbling escapades of the slacker duo as they trek to Hollywood to prevent Bluntman and Chronic— a film made in their likeness— from being produced and ruining their images. Along the way they find themselves on the run from the law, befriending an attractive animal liberation group, and rescuing an orangutan that they end up bonding with.

Of course, Jay and Silent Bob do what they do best, stirring up ridiculousness and nearly surreal situations wherever they go. Featuring familiar characters from Clerks, Mallrats, and other films in Kevin Smith’s “Askewnivese”, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is an installment that’s full of  the fun, barely-strung along plot, and raunchy humor that make stoner comedies so popular and fun to binge.

**Honorable Mention

Regular Show

While teeeeechnically not a film, Regular Show still deserves some mention in this awesome list. Though it ran on Cartoon network from 2009 to 2017, the wacky adventures Mordecai and Rigby founds themselves in certainly at times felt like the nonsensical ramblings of two friends absolutely stoned out of their minds.

And truthfully, perhaps that’s what creator J.G Quintel was going for the whole time.

Check out below one of the earliest iterations of Regular Show, featuring some familiar characters and an interesting plot that would explain many of the more whimsical aspects of the animated series:

Hope this list introduced some new faves! Remember, be safe and have fun responsibly when partaking in “recreational” activities!

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