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Free Agency: Trading for Wonder Woman

Free Agency: Trading for Wonder Woman

In this edition of Free Agency, we explore what trades make sense for the one and only viable superhero from the DC Universe, Wonder Woman. Let’s get down to brass tacks. 

1. Superstar Factor 

If you haven’t seen the new “Wonder Woman: 1984” trailer, please do so.

Wow, right? Besides the flashiness and giant uptick in budget, it’s great to see Wonder Woman back on the screen. The trailer doesn’t give away much, well except for the whole Steve Trevor resurrecting from the dead completely un-aged thing, but we kinda saw that coming anyway. 

The first Wonder Woman film was the pleasant surprise DC needed after the trainwreck that was “Man of Steel” and “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” It also catapulted talented and well deserving women in front of and behind the camera to new heights. Gal Gadot displayed her charisma and delivered as a leading woman, while director Patty Jenkins went from indie director to the savior of the DCU. 

With all that said, Wonder Woman was kind of like the female counterpart to Superman with no apparent weaknesses and therefore no apparent room for conflict. However, when the film came out, it was clear that many (including me) had written off Wonder Woman without good reason. Diana/Wonder Woman was a far more compelling character with enough strength to carry on a franchise.

2. Team Chemistry

Wonder Woman is no stranger to conflict and can obviously work well on a team despite whatever “Justice League” was. She’s also undoubtedly an alpha. Diana doesn’t need anyone (sorry, Steve) to do her fighting for her. 

The truth is Diana is obviously a team player. She definitely has her own way of doing things and left the Themyscira island to do just that. However, she grew up surrounded by Amazonian warriors and trained her entire life to defend herself and her people. She learned to play with others the hard way, but she also learned how to fight alongside her people. 

How would she fit in with the others at Marvel? Splendidly. Actually, she would fit in way better at the MCU than the DCU because she wouldn’t be the only woman. She’d fit perfectly right alongside the Dora Milaje, Valkyrie, Black Widow, Captain Marvel, and Rescue (Pepper Potts). That squad wins 10 out of 10 against bad guys on any given day. 

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3. Potential for Conflict

Comparing the MCU to DCU, Wonder Woman is very much like Captain Marvel. They’re both incredibly powerful and arguably have no weaknesses, but there’s something to Diana that’s more otherworldly and appealing than Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel (no disrespect). Diana really is a stranger in a man-centric world and doesn’t understand why the world is as it is. Her worldview is far more interesting and creates room for conflict just by the fact of Diana being her Amazonian warrior self. 

Diana sees the world as incredibly skewed towards one side (men) and doesn’t understand the hierarchy that’s so obvious to everyone else, but her. This doesn’t mean there’ll be a sex war, but it means that Diana sees the world completely differently than even her woman co-heroes. She’s never been told she was inferior because of her sex and can tip the scale in more equitable terms. 

With Cap and Stark gone, the Avengers need new leadership and Diana has proven that she can deliver. 

The Deal:

Wonder Woman is a superstar and has proven she can carry an entire franchise/universe on her golden shoulders. 

She’s a proven leader and team player with a unique worldview that can unite as well as stir the pot. 

Marvel will need to pay a pretty penny to get Wonder Woman over to their side. The women of Marvel are definitely a reason for Wonder Woman to consider switching over and Marvel must keep them. 

How about a god for a goddess? Thor, the god of Thunder, for Wonder Woman. What about his buddy cop chemistry with the Hulk? Hell, give up the Hulk and Thor for Wonder Woman. She’s worth it. 

That’s who I would give up, but what do you think? Let us know in the comments! 

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