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From Real Life Pokewalks To Payday Tunes: Live Out The Soundtrack In Your Head With Our Ultimate 35-Song Summer Playlist

From Real Life Pokewalks To Payday Tunes: Live Out The Soundtrack In Your Head With Our Ultimate 35-Song Summer Playlist

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Do you ever close your eyes and choreograph a whole song in your head? How about play out songs in your head as if it was the background music to a movie scene for your life?

Being someone who lives with a family who virtually never leisurely listens to music, I’m in my head a lot.

And part of the fun of that is thinking up SUPER specific situations many songs would be perfect in.

So with my quirky playlist that includes everything from songs to play on the beach, to what you should play when you’re strolling the school hallway with your new mohawk! 😉

Almalgam by Steven Universe Soundtrack

For your Hiplet (hip hop ballet) dance practice.

Rudie Fails by White Rabbits

If you’re driving on the highway during a stormy, drizzly night? You listen to this song.

Welcome to Station Square by Sonic Adventure on Sega Dreamcast

This is the perfect beach day song. Don’t forget to grab your volleyball!

Friction by Imagine Dragons

The perfect song for parkour, drag racing… ooor something safer (and legal) like an intense workout or any one-on-one activity that can build up energy.

Arabella by Arctic Monkeys

For those late nights in a retro truck. Don’t forget your leather jacket and black boots!

Don’t Stop Me Now by QUEEN

Payday soooong! TGIF, amIright?!

Pokémon Route Music

For when you’re walking your dog/“pikachu”, or yourself on a nice sunny day.

Unstoppable by Lianne La Havas

When you’re about to launch for NASA decked out in your space suit. Or for a more grounded experience (pun intended), listen to this when you’re really feeling your Magic and pride with who you are. #ImRootingForEverybodyBlack

Africa by Toto

Top karaoke night tune! Should be a top choice and life decision to play this song daily.

Trying to Be Cool by Phoenix

Sharing a gas station slushiee with a friend during a road trip in the summertime in the midst of golden hour.

What You Won’t Do for Love by Bobby Caldwell

For self-love nights of dancing alone in your underwear.

I Start to Run by White Denim

For when you’re literally running, delirious, after TPing an ex’s (or someone you were in a situationship with’s) house you’re not quite over yet.

Dare by Gorillaz

No pants vibin’ dance sesh! Blackout curtains closed and only your lava lamp and ceiling glow-in-the-dark stars to light the way

Ima Be by Black Eyed Peas

When you’re out here smelling yourself.

Jerk It by Thunderheist

The song you request in a hot and heavy club.

Infinity Guitars by Sleigh Bells

When you walk down your high school corridor in your Tripp pants and studded bracelet and chocker. Cliques? Puh-lease.

This is the Life by Two Door Cinema Club

Watching a summer sunset in the bed of a pickup truck, blankets and all.

Feel it All Around by Washed Out

What you blast from your boom box on a chill surf day.

For Our Elegant Caste by Of Montreal

What to request at a bangin’ gay club where everyone’s inhibitions are GONE.

Free Love by Cage the Elephant

When the joy’s so deep in your bones that you have to dance it out in the street on a bright and sunny day!

Hydrogen by MIOIOIN

A casino road trip vibe.

Lust for Life by Girls

Wine drunk on the beach with friends (or solo and sad) in the afternoon is the time to play this song.

Forget by Lianne La Havas

When you’re feeling empowered and have decided to go out in an urban area on a sunny day after a breakup or ANY hiccup with someone you’re interested in.

See Also

Marijuana by Chrome Sparks

For uh… and evening with you and “The Plant”™.

I’m Not Me by White Rabbits

Another song for quality “Plant Time”™, but earlier in the day.

King of the Beach by Wavves

For the beach or a sunny day skate session.

Au Cinnema by Lianne La Havas

When you’re looking at the world through sepia-colored glasses on a warm, sunny day.

Sweet Life by Frank Ocean

During a laid-back California road trip.

White Sky by Vampire Weekend

For your helicopter or hot air balloon ride.

Mushaboom by Fiest

A picnic in a grassy, green park on a sunny summer day.

Anna Sun by Walk the Moon

When you’re out watching the sunrise.

Don’t by Phoenix

A workout or hiking song (basically a song to motivate you to move pre or post summer day heat).

Something Good Can Work by Two Door Cinema Club

Skinny jean-savvy and jirating-compatible. A good song to dance to with a whole mob of friends!

Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games by Of Montreal

A biking/rollerblading/scooter/Segway song!

Flathead by The Fratellis

An end-of-the-summer basement party song.


Which of these songs are you digging from our playlist?

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