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#WitchingHour: This Taurus Moon Has Us Prioritizing Goals

#WitchingHour: This Taurus Moon Has Us Prioritizing Goals

As we continue into Mercury Retrograde, this Taurus full moon is getting our butts in gear!

The full moon on the 12th has us evaluating our sense of security and stability. Typical of a moon in an earth sign, we are looking at our sense of structure. What needs to be prioritized? Are their things no longer working for us? What steps can we take to change? You may be facing some inner conflict, and that’s okay! The moon is bringing up things that were left unsettled. Delve into these conflicts and misunderstandings for a new perspective. You may realize what are the things that are holding you back.

Taurus reminds us of our needs and desires.

During this moon we’ll be observing if our needs are being met in many aspects of our lives. If they’re not, it’s time to set those intentions. Ponder what resources are available to you and what will help you towards your goals. However, it’s still important to be conscious of this retrograde period. Be aware of potential communication issues that arise. Look out for those exes wanting to make an appearance. Remember, you’re letting go of what doesn’t serve you and letting in that which holds value. To bring yourself more focus for this full moon, here are some rituals to help along the way!


Reflect of the time that has passed since the Scorpio new moon. Scorpio revealed what was hidden, what our emotions were telling us, and what knowledge awaited. Some questions to follow up could include the following:

  1. What are my current priorities?
  2. How do I attend to them?
  3. How have I grown?
  4. What no longer serves me? 

Crystal Healing

For some crystal healing this week, turquoise is the way to go! This crystal increases life force energy and tunes in with your spirit. If you need help releasing emotional wounds, turquoise has your back. Focusing on healing, wisdom and power, turquoise helps you dip deep and speak your truth.

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If you can, find a mandala in the shape of Taurus or bull to color. While coloring, invoke your desires and think about your intentions and intuition. Then place the mandala under the full moon to infuse it with it’s energy and your love.

Now is the time to bring wholeness into your life!

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