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Game Of Thrones Reactions Hit Different This Season

Game Of Thrones Reactions Hit Different This Season

Game of Thrones stans, this is it…

A bittersweet wave of excitement and relief wafts over the legion of Game of Thrones meme-y stans. Yesterday was the beginning of the end for this epic, high fantasy show. By May 19th of this year we will know, without a doubt, who sits on the Iron Throne! Until that final episodes though, it is important to enjoy some of the funniest tweets about a very serious show.

New Opening sequence begets the Most Relateable Scene of the Whole Show

A topic of discussion since season one has been the lack of brown people on the show. Whatever your opinion on the matter may be, that was addressed almost immediately. Daenerys, Jon and crew come striding in, heads held high, on a gritty and damp populous that looks on in confusion and disgust. Somewhere in the middle of the procession sits Messandei and Grey Worm. While the crowd has been watching swaths of brown soldiers march into their city, they are now seeing two obviously high ranking brown people and it does not look like they appreciate that.

Our girl Arya is excited for these new people and some familiar faces but, the rest of The North seems vividly concerned.

Concern leads to a Stark mini reunion (RIP to the fallen wolves). Keep in mind that Jon is seeing Bran for the first time since season 1. The audience prepares for a tender reunion but, instead we get patented Bran weirdness. Jon then greets Sansa who genuinely seems happy to see him but throws the nastiest side-eye towards her new Queen. While Daenarys attempts pleasantries, Sansa is thinking about ripping the wig off the Mother of Dragons. This is all cemented as an awkward situation during the council scene when Little Lord Umber has no idea who to address or how to address them. Lyanna Mormont comes with the follow up heat and Jon finds himself a victim of his sister’s side-eye.

Jon is TIRED of it all. There are zombies coming and people are concerned with who sits on an uncomfortable throne. Our man fought the white walkers, died, has traveled all over and for what, for sass and ingrates! He does not deserve the ire. He is working three jobs and trying to save the world!

Apologies and Growth

This episode was important for many reunions and apologies. The short chat between Tyrion and Sansa is the perfect measure of how far the story has progressed. Sansa asks if he believes that his sister, Cersei, is actually sending soldiers to help. He believes she is. Sansa, now smarter than the imp, knows that Cersei is not to be trusted. The best part, we know that she is right!

The long awaited Jon and Arya reprise hug happened. If you didn’t tear up, even a bit, you may be a white walker. Jon seemed happy to see she still had needle, she seemed happy he was alive. To punctuate this scene, Arya reminded Jon that he is family. However, as we know, he is also Dany’s family.


Euron Greyjoy is a piece of work and he shows that with pride. Not only is he holding sea queen Yara captive but, he is also the quintessential fuckboy of the show. Loving to hate him is not a bad thing, y’all, but he did manage to finesse his way into Cersei’s pants. All we can say is that she tried to resist.

All Cersei wanted was some damn elephants but now look at her, sexing up trash.

So that our eyes were not stained with Euron too long, we cut to what is happening on his ship. The rescue effort to save Yara is underway and successful. As thanks for the rescue, Yara greets Theon first with a head but and then, with respect and love.

Yara is a queen but she is also a loving sister. She recognizes that her mission is to secure her homeland and her brother’s is to fight for the family who raised him. It was a hard farewell to watch but, it is hoped that Theon sees his sister again on their damp island.

“What is dead may never die but, kill the bastards anyway.” – Yara, Sea Queen of the Iron Islands.

Back to the North!

The exchange between Tyrion, Davos and Varys is, as expected, full of fan’s thoughts. Davos hopes that for once in the kingdoms entire history a just queen and honorable man may take the throne. Tyrion, the realist, is trying to figure out how to get the people to accept his queen. Varys, while seeing that Jon and Dany are indeed a cute couple, knows that nothing lasts. Foreshadowing grim realities of the show as always.

But, then the unthinkable happened! Daenarys Targarean threatens Sansa to Jon’s face and he just stands there.

Then, Jon gets on Rhaegal and all of our wildest dreams come true! Rhaegal, sensing his true master, takes off to the skies and we are blessed! While all of that is wonderful, Jon and Dany begin to make snowy love and Rhaegal, like a cat, just stares.

The real question in all of this is, where is Ghost?

Back to the Starks

First, Arya confronts the hound and it is glorious. He says she left him to die and with typical Stark snark she responds “first I robbed you.” Arya has really become THAT bitch. A cold one according to Sandor Clegane. The respect he has for her is easily noted.

And the reunion we’ve all been waiting for, she addressed Gendry. Gendry regards her with admiration, shock and a bit of surprise. “As you wish m’lady.”

They made heart eyes at each other. Lets be real.

Sansa then gives Jon, back from his snowy romp, the bad news and some real news. Jon has to again defend his actions. The man literally brought two dragons and two armies but all Sansa cares about his Dany. Our boy is visibly exhausted but Sansa will not get off anyone’s neck. Nor should she. She may be the only one seeing Dany for who she really is, a potentially mad queen.

Real Gansta Tears Incoming

Samwell Tarly has gone through a lot, more than he truly realizes up until this point. He, who has done nothing but help Jon and the people in his own scholarly way, finds out just what lengths Dany went through to be there. She lets loose the fact that she barbecued Sam’s father and brother on the battlefield when the refused to bend the knee. Dany does this with no remorse, as though reading her morning paper.

To say this scene was heartbreaking, is an understatement. Sam with tear-filled eyes comes upon Bran waiting for an old friend. Bran, still creepy as hell, says it’s time for Jon to know the truth!

Sam immediately goes to break the news to Jon who is seeing his father and again, the tears are flowing in the club!

Dissecting this scene could be it’s own article but, for now, we have the rightful king of the “bloody” seven kingdoms. By blood, by birthright, by morality, Jon/Aegon Targarean is the rightful ruler. He’s been desperately trying to rid himself of titles and suddenly Jon holds the biggest one in all the land.

Stop Crying and Get Scared

The surviving men of the wall are in the caverns below, searching for others when two groups collide. Praise, Tormund is alive. We may see him and Brienne together in the future!

The two groups come across the now dead Umber boy in the Night King’s spiral on body parts. This spiral has been seen before, but the screaming dead boy in the middle was new.

Beric did not hesitate to say “Fuck them kids,” and light the white walker up.

Hair Dye Won’t Stop the Shade

Jamie, who deserted his sister/lover last season, arrives in Winterfell. What joy he must have felt getting there in one piece. The joy is short-lived because the boy he pushed out of a window in season 1 is there to greet an “old friend.”

Game of Thrones started off strong in this episode. With only six episodes to tie up the entire story, it’s no surprise if some feel it is rushing. However, a lot of fans are ready to see who will sit atop of the uncomfortable iron throne. What are your predictions for next episode? Tell us!

If you enjoyed the episode and enjoyed these hilarious tweets from other fans, make sure you join in next time. Also, check out the Season 8, Episode 1 Summary and Review article written by our own Anje Mclish!



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