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Game of Thrones S8 Ep. 2: Rants And Wrap Ups!

Game of Thrones S8 Ep. 2: Rants And Wrap Ups!

Lordt have the most mercy.

Episode 2 of Season 8 served is a fantastic breather before the sphincter-clenching battle that is to take place next week. Before we get into the episode, a quick recap of last week’s episode.

Dany rolled in with a bunch of brown people and two dragons. The Northerners did not take kindly to that.

Jon found out he has been piping his aunt. Additionally, he found out that he is, without a doubt, the heir to the Iron Throne. He just cannot escape his own greatness.

Samwell Tarly found out that Dany burned his father and brother alive.

Bran saw Jamie. Jamie saw Bran. It was a moment.

Resume Game

Jamie stands before the Winterfell and Daenerys’s councils as Dany sounds strangely like Vicerys. Dany looks an entire fool as only one lion stands before her instead of an entire army. Sansa is unsurprised because, as she and we know, Cersei ain’t shit. As Jamie tells her that Cersei had no intention of sending an army North, Dany shoots a daggered stare towards her hand, Tyrion, and listens in silent rage as Jamie continues. When Tyrion steps forward in defense of his older brother, Dany defensibly notes that that is probably what Jamie counted on when he journeyed there alone. Sansa gives her own testimony, letting everyone know that Jamie attacked her father in the streets. On sight!

“The things we do for love.” -Jamie (Season One before pushing young Bran from a window).

Bran, repeating Jaime’s words to him because the North remembers (Season Eight. Jamie is shook).

Brienne of Tarth steps in to defend Jamie though, turning the tide. She has spent enough time with Jamie to know the truth. She tells them how Jamie lost his hand because he defended her from would-be-rapists and it looks as though it resonated well. Besides Brienne being unwaveringly loyal to House Stark, every woman in that room can relate to abuse. Because of her statement, Sansa states that Jamie will remain unchained. Jon, smartly, notes that they will need every man they can get. Dany cannot say otherwise at this point so they allow her to think she passes final judgment.

As everyone leaves, Jon leaving as quickly as possible, Dany confronts Tyrion in the hallway. He made a mistake trusting his sister, he knows that, and Dany is not happy. She threatens to strip him of his hand status and he honestly cannot blame her. However, who would wear that pendant better than he? Sansa. Sadly, this episode did not go that route and that’s okay.

A Girl Knows What She Wants

Arya giving Gendry the up-down is all of us. It’s hard to tell if Gendry knows he looks good in sweat and soot but, goddam, he looked GOODT! Anyway, Arya goes to see her boo at work and wants to know if her weapon is ready. It is not; Gendry claims he has other priorities. This scene is set up for a later scene, THE scene, that rustled a lot of jimmies. After more flirtations involving weapons, Arya finds out that Gendry’s fought the White Walkers and he is not really up for talking about it. She so desperately wants to know about her new enemy but, she knows death. She explains this while flinging spears into a wall and Gendry visibly cannot contain how impressed he is.

Arya wasn’t entirely defenseless the last time he saw her but, she has certainly changed. To see that, to see her in her new form, is shocking and exciting for him.

The Ultimate Apology

In season one Jamie pushed a child out of the window and really never paid attention to that fact afterward. There was the question of “What if he wakes up?” but neither he nor Cersei seemed to care after Winterfell fell. Now, seeing Bran and noting that Bran did not rat him out to his sister, his not-brother and the new queen, Jamie has some apologizing to do. Since the first episode of the season, people have been wondering how this might go over and now we know.

Bran does not care at all. He is the three-eyed raven now, something beyond Brandon Stark, little Lord of Winterfell. Beyond human to be exact. The heart-wrenching detail in their opening dialog is that Jamie would still be the gullible, incestuous peen he was before if he had not pushed Bran from the tower so long ago. The interesting thing about Game of Thrones is how it tangles all of these destinies together and forces us, the viewers, to question our past deeds as well.

Bran is creepy, but he is also right. Tattling on Jamie would ultimately make their stand against the Night King weaker. Jamie asks wise young Bran about “afterward.” After the war, after they Night King, after what’s done is done. Bran responds in typical fashion, “How do you know there is an afterward?”

If your breath did not catch in your throat after that, you may be a White Walker.

The Pride Is Looking A Little Sparse

Tyrion and Jamie meet up in the Winterfell streets and speak candidly. They speak of Cersei’s betrayal, obviously hard on Jamie in a way. The pregnancy is real, but Jamie can only care so much. As they find themselves upon one of the fortifying walls, Tyrion relishes in the fact that at least Cersei won’t get to kill him. He is, at this moment, confident they will all die in the coming battle.

Can you blame him?

Jamie is only half listening though because he spots the statuesque beauty, Brienne of Tarth. Their friendship is born of common duty. They both find pride in their abilities, they try to be honorable, they both believe in loyalty. While people ship them, they are definitely a pair of very powerful friends right now. That and her defense of him when he arrived drives him to walk down and talk to her.

Brienne, the Battling Beauty

Brienne looks on as Podrick of House Magical Dick, practices. His skills have grown and she looks like a proud mother watching her son take down men with a sword. As Jamie pulls up the smile fades from her face. Why? Perhaps she knows that she has staked her reputation on the most hated man in Winterfell. Maybe it is because she cannot process what she may feel for him. Or, and this is fully plausible, it’s simply because she wants to focus on everyone’s training before they all die. It could be a plethora of reasons.

Jamie asks about her command and she relays that it is good ground. They have a minute of pleasant conversation before she demands to know what his ulterior motives are. Jamie is dumbfounded. She notes that they have never had a conversation without him insulting her and he springs that he wants to fight with her, under her command.

Jamie has come a long way! Those words coming out of his mouth would have been a faint dream before this season. Brienne does not confirm or deny his request but, instead, walks away. Again, I believe this is because she is not a recognized knight with a title and Jamie is. Having him serve under her, despite wanting him by her side, is not possible. Brienne operates very much within the traditions of her realm. She knows that she’ll never have the title she deserves. That is why she does not say yes; Jamie still outranks her. And while she may note that Jamie has bowed to her twice in this scene alone, he is still Ser Jamie.

Jorah Mormont Comes to His Queen

As we know, Jorah has been “friendzoned” by his beloved queen. That being said, he seems to be over it and just wants Dany to be the queen he believes she could be. Acknowledging his anger over her naming Tyrion her hand, he admits that it was the right choice. Tyrion, despite his mistakes piling up, has been very useful to her. Jorah has come to plead Tyrion’s case.

Keep in mind that Jorah and Tyrion spent a lot of time together on a little boat. He wanted to chuck the imp into the sea. The beef was real but, there before his queen, he has to acknowledge the scope of everything. When Dany asks if Jorah is advising her to forgive the man that “stole” his position Jorah does not hesitate, he is. She looks shocked. I was shocked. But again, we see that Dany has no idea how to either own her decisions or how to selflessly forgive. These things are taught to her briefly at this moment. But, Jorah has one more request.

Woman to Woman

Dany rolled into Sansa’s home like she owned the joint in episode one; Sansa did not like this. In this episode, Dany rolls into Sansa’s meeting. Dany seems confused as to why Sansa wouldn’t agree with her on the fate of Ser Jamie. By confused, I mean she seems seething with an undercurrent of rage. Again, Dany is about to be taught something about loyalty because Sansa trusts Brienne. Brienne, in the moment of defending Jamie, trusted that her Lady would trust in her words. Dany wishes she could have that kind of faith in her advisers. Sansa vouches for Tyrion, mirroring the work Jorah has already done.

The first reason this scene is important is that Sansa tells Dany what’s what. Dany blames Tyrion for trusting his sister and Sansa says that neither of them should have. Dany also trusted the devious Lannister. She put herself in that position instead of taking a moment to think for herself.

The other reason this scene is supremely important is because Sansa will not stop fighting for her people. Dany tries to pull the “woman to woman” card and get Sansa to drop her guard. She talks about her love for Jon, how people have not been inclined to accept a woman in charge and that she wants to fight for the North. But, and Sansa was right to question her, what about the North? After all of the fighting is done, what will become of the North? Sansa, without saying it, told Dany that she and The North will not be bowing down.

Dany ripped her hand back real quick! Let’s see how long her love for Jon stays after she learned the truth.

After a well-timed interruption, we see that Theon has made it back into the cold walls of Winterfell. The reunion between him and Sansa was heartwarming. He is there to fight for House Stark, defending Sansa again. Again, I need people to pay attention to Dany’s reaction to Theon returning for The Starks/Sansa and not her. She looked most displeased even though Theon told her that his sister is reclaiming the islands in her name. She needs people loyal to her and only her. My prediction, she is more Mad King’s daughter than anyone could have predicted.

Preparations are in order

The unwashed masses fill the streets of Winterfell as people get information and directions on whether to go to the forge or the crypts. We see Gilly taking charge and Davos serving food while attempting to pep talk some fearful people. Most of the men in Winterfell have no training, yet they will be going up against the undead. The draft anyone?

A small, scarred child melts Davos’s heart as he is reminded of Shireen. The girl is alone, her two brothers are soldiers, and she wants to fight too. Yes, I cried. Gilly tells her that she’d feel much safer with the little warrior down in the crypts with her, you know, for defense.

“All right, I’ll defend the crypt then.” – the little angel that will probably die.


The alarm bells ring and in runs the surviving members of the wall. Tormund glomps John. They explain what’s happened and how much time they have left before the Night King arrives. Jon looks distressed. The other survivors know that they survived for now, and are therefore distressed. Tormund just wants to know where Brienne is.

In the war room where all leaders present and accounted for, Jon comes up with a brilliant plan. Go for the Night King! Yes Jon that would be smart but alas, Ice Daddy has a dragon. Why hasn’t Bran told them of this fact yet? Bran also decided to finally let everyone know that the target, is him. The Night King can track him anywhere in the world. The target has been Bran this whole time and he has just been sticking around endangering people. One must assume that he knows what he is doing (three-eyed raven powers and all) but, wow. Kind of a dick move.

Sam explains to us and the council why Bran makes sense as the target as everyone else looks on in confusion. Honestly, anything involved with Bran at this point is met with confusion. Dany orders Tyrion into the crypts, which he does not like. Jon again leaves without so much as a word to her because he has to reconcile his heritage more.

“We’re all going to die, but at least we’ll die together.” – Tormund, shooting his shot towards Brienne.

She was not receptive.

Messandei and Grey Worm Are Tired!

We won’t spend too much time on this because we want Missandei and Grey Worm to GTFO of Winterfell. Considering Grey Worm will probably die, it’s heart-wrenching to watch him promise Missandei a future neither of them may have.

Same, friend. Same.

Give Sam His Props!

The thing about Samwell Tarly, last of his house, is that no one has given him props. He was the first to kill a White Walker! Despite all doubt, he beds and has a child with Gilly. Sam robbed the sept and eventually gave us the biggest reveal in Iron Throne history! Give him his props, the man put in work. Now, he stands upon the wall as he did before awaiting death.

Last Moments

Tyrion and Jamie laugh about what their father would think if he could see them in the present. Both of his sons preparing to fight and maybe die in Winterfell. How the tables have turned. As they reminisce in front of a fire, Brienne and Podrick join them. Drinks are offered, chairs pulled in to make room. Davos comes in to stay warm while he waits to die. Then Tormund arrives, befuddling Brienne.

Tormund gets into an odd, one-sided pissing match with Jamie where his name’s backstory is awkwardly revealed.

This episode’s wrap up continues with Arya and her past captor sharing a moment. They finally have a chance to talk. She asks what he is doing there, why he is fighting so hard for others. If I read the subtext of the scene correctly, the answer is because he cares deeply for Arya. When Beric joins their reunion, things seem tense at first but Arya excuses herself from the “two miserable old shits.”

Somewhere in Winterfell, Arya shoots arrows with striking precision at a post. She was always good with a bow. Gendry arrives with presents. The first gift being Arya’s weapon, a detachable spear. The second being himself.

Here is where people’s minds exploded.

Gendry explains what happened with the Red Woman. Then, after badgering, he explains that he’s been with three women intimately. Arya, in one of the only moments in this show’s history, then takes what she wants. All of this happens on her terms. She may die, he may die, but at that moment she is going to get the Baratheon Hammer from Gendry no matter what.

“I’m not the Red Woman, take your own bloody pants off.” – Arya, taking spears into her own hands.

Back at the fireside chat, they discuss the things to come. Tyrion, surprisingly, states that he thinks they may live. This earns a few chuckles. As Tyrion lists some of the groups’ heroic achievements, it is divulged that Brienne is a Lady and not a Ser. This shocks Tormund. Remember, Tormund is of the Free Folk; they do not have gender-based restrictions out there so he is very much a feminist. We stan.

“I’m no king, but if I were, I’d knight you ten times over.” – Tormund, shooting another shot.

This seems to spark an idea in Jamie and, as the only knight there, he takes matters into his own hand. Brienne is knighted on the spot. Tormund claps loudly and the group follows suit as Brienne, the woman who has been besting men, became Ser Brienne, Knight of The Seven Kingdoms. In this scene alone you see the admiration that both Tormund and Jamie hold for her. The love. And when she smiled with tears in her eyes, I was a puddle on the floor. Were you?

Lyanna speaks with her cousin, Jorah outside. He reminds her that she is the future of their house and that she’d be safer down in the crypts. She reminds him that she is the leader and she is riding into battle with her men. We love a true Queen! She is going to hold herself to the promise she made to House Stark.

On the one hand, that’s so badass. On the other hand, she might die a gruesome death out there. I do not want to see her tiny self marching with the undead army come episode 4!

Sam comes in as Lyanna is done with her cousin. He wants to give Jorah Heartsbane, the Tarly family sword. Jorah, a man of honor, says he will wield it in his father’s memory, the same father who gave guidance to Sam when he first got to The Wall.

“I hope we win.” – Sam Tarly.

Us too.

The Secret Revealed

In probably the most untactful way possible, Jon reveals the truth to Dany. For all of her talk about loving Jon, that love quickly vanished. With her claim to the throne threatened in the biggest way possible, we only have one thing to wonder, will she go crazy now?

She questions the validity of the entire thing by asking why only his brother and his best friend know. A conspiracy if she ever heard one. Sadly, it isn’t. She’s been canoodling with her nephew and her claim is nothing now. Jon, Aegon VI, is now confirmed the heir to the Iron Throne. Dany’s entire story meaningless. Her entire journey for nothing. The disgust and anger she feels oozes through the screen as she acknowledges that Jon/Aegon is the last male heir. As she brings up his claim to the Iron Throne, you can see that she desperately wants Jon to renounce that claim. Before he can say anything though, the alarms blare. The White Walkers have arrived.

WHEW what an episode! Next Sunday is the great battle. Who do you predict dying? Let us know by commenting or tweeting @Quirktastic_co! Remember you can also live tweet with us by using the tag, #QuirkforTheThrone! I just hope Lyanna Mormont, the true queen, lives and gets somewhere safe.


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