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Game Of Thrones Series Finale: She Snapped, But Her Madness Is Not Unexpected

Game Of Thrones Series Finale: She Snapped, But Her Madness Is Not Unexpected

Before continuing, beware the spoilers.

Our beloved Daenerys Targaryen officially snapped. The Breaker of Chains burned it all, fulfilling the dying wish of her late mad father.

The occurrence left a bad taste in mouths of many fans of the show, and many even claimed that her madness came out of nowhere. But, in actuality the signs were sprinkled throughout the series from day one.

Ongoing warnings about madness in the Targaryen bloodline was a pretty central theme of the show. In the last episode, “The Bells”, Varys says, “They say that every time a Targaryen is born, the gods toss a coin and the world hold its breath.”

This is not the first time we’ve heard this quote. We know her brother Viserys was not sane; her father was mad (or at least driven to madness, but that’s a theory for another day), but Dany fought hard to escape the trend of her bloodline. Her mission, as she worked toward the throne, was to “break the wheel”.

Since her brother died in Season 1, Daenerys’ primary focus has been the throne. Initially, she had excellent counsel to keep her in line whenever she stepped sideways. However, as seasons progressed, she lost people, was betrayed, and things grew direr. She lost Viserion fighting a war that Jon Snow brought her into.

She lost Jorah Mormont, her trusted advisor to this war as well. Then, she lost Rhaegal and Missandei in the fight against Cersei. In her eyes, she was surrounded by traitors – a Lannister, the brother to her worst enemy; Varys, who we can rightfully assume tried to poison her; and Jon, whose family hates her and has a direct claim to the thing she worked from Season 1 to claim. Dany’s actions were completely immoral when she chose to continue burning people alive after the bell rang. But, her actions did not come out of nowhere. The buildup to her madness began accumulating long ago.

Missandei’s last word “Dracarys” (or Dragonfire) had to ring in her ears. Having this gentle, peaceful, and soft-spoken character declare this so boldly before being brutally beheaded at Cersei’s command no doubt helped further propel Dany to rain down fire over the city.

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It was no coincidence that she made a point of saying that she would take what was hers by fire and blood. The death and loss of innocent people in the attempt to take the throne from Cersei was inevitable; however, Dany’s deliberate and calculated decision to continue burning everything and everyone, seemingly going street by street on the back of Drogon after the surrender bell rung, was tragic and upsetting.

Dany’s expression and mannerisms made it clear that she struggled mentally as she heard the bells. It was as if our fan-favorite’s hypothetical coin finally reached the ground in that moment, and it landed on the wrong side. Consequently, mayhem followed.

Overall, having a fan-fave turn out this way is definitely tragic but honestly, it’s all been leading up to us finding out would she become like her father, and unfortunately for us, she did.

What will be the end result of her actions? Will she realize the extent of what she did? We can certainly expect there to be bloodshed in some way or another. So many questions and so little time. Let us know how you felt about the episode on Twitter!

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