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Get Ready To Grab Tissues: Top 10 Tragedy Anime That You Need To Watch Now

Get Ready To Grab Tissues: Top 10 Tragedy Anime That You Need To Watch Now

Anime- Ayashi No Ceres (Ceres, Celestial Legend)

24 Episodes

Manga – Shojo Comic From May 1996-March 2000 (14 Volumes)

Simple Plot- Ceres was a tennyo (Celestial Maiden) who came from the heavens to bathe in a stream. As she hangs up her hagoromo (robe), a man steals her heavenly garment and forces the celestial maiden to become his wife. Unable to return to the heavens without the robe, Ceres is forced to live her life as a human would, producing children half human, half tennyo.

This horrible event effects the tennyo’s descendants even after years elapse. Aya, a direct descendent of Ceres, carries the tennyo blood in her veins. To live on Earth as a form of demigod, she must fight to survive as Earth inhabitants scheme to kill the girl who can become Ceres when stressed or enraged.

Watch the anime to see the rest of Aya story and find the truth behind the Celestial Legend!

Anime- Rurouni Kenshin: Trust and Betrayal

95 eposides

Manga – April 1994- September 1999 (28 volumes)

Simple Plot- The story follows Shinta, a seeker of the Kenshin Himura power. As he journeys to become Kenshin Himura,he struggles to walk the thin line between justice and corruption. While facing life and death situations, will his spirit waver from good?

Anime- Wolf Children (Movie)

Simple Plot- Hana falls in love with a human hiding a secret…He’s a Werewolf! They bare two children whom also inherited the werewolf gene, belonging to a son and daughter. While hunting for the family, their father is killed. Follow Hana’s journey as a human mother trying to raise her two wolf children.

Anime- Air

13 Episodes

Manga- August 2004- February 2006 (2 Volumes)

Simple Plot- While searching for the ‘girl in the sky’, Yukito stops in a little town to make some money. He performs puppet tricks for children to monetarily prepare for his journey toward his mother’s dream: for him to meet the girl who lives within the sky. Unable to make money from the children he works so hard to entertain, he suffers a heat stroke. There he meets Misuzu, a strange girl who feels connected to the sky. Could she be the girl Yukito has been searching for?

Anime- Assassination Classroom

22 Episodes 1 OVA

Manga- July 2012- March 2016 (21 Volumes)

Simple Plot- A powerful, tentacled life form comes to earth and gives humans until the end of the year to kill him. If not, he destroys the earth like he did the moon. While waiting to be killed by anyone, this powerful octo-armed being starts working as a homeroom teacher. There, the students learn not only the origin of this peculiar being but the connection he had to their late teacher.

Anime- Berserk

25 episodes from 1997-1998

24 episodes from July 2016- June 2017

Manga 1989- Today (39 Volumes)

Simple Plot- Born from his mother corpse, ‘Guts’ is trained by his father Gambino to become a mercenary. He grows to become the most skilled and feared mercenary in the land. Living on the battlefield is a way to survive, but it isn’t easy. Nor did it help when he ran into the Band of the Hawk, a mercenary troop led by the valiant Griffith. Find out what happens when Guts meets the leader of the Band of the Hawk. In one of the most artistically detailed animes of its time, experience all the pain Guts must go through for one man’s quest for power and his quest for himself.

Anime- You lie in April

22 Eposides

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Manga- April 2011- February 2015 (11 Volumes)

Simple Plot – Kosei is an amazing pianist yet plays emotionless because of his abusive mother and instructor. Having had a mental breakdown at a recital, Kosei claims he cannot hear the piano although his hearing is intact. Two years pass and he meets Kaori, a free spirit violinist who breaks all the rules Kosei was taught. Can Kosei find a new love and appreciation for music or will his love for music diminish forever?

Anime- Grave of the Fireflies (Movie)

Simple Plot-  This is the story of Seita and his little sister, Setsuko. They epitomize the hardships the youth of Japan experienced during World War II. With family bonds tied tight, will the war threaten the loving relationship built between two siblings?

Anime- 91 Days

13 Episodes

Simple Plot- This anime is set during the Prohibition era, when liquor was the Mob’s most valuable product on the black market. A character named Angelo seeks revenge against the Vanetti family, a clan of kin that killed his family over a dispute. With a letter from a stranger in hand, Angelo returns to his home town to kill the Don of the Vanetti family. Will Angelo get his revenge? Or will it all be for nothing?

Anime- Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

11 Eposides

Simple Plot- After a devastating earthquake shakes the Kanto region, three survivors cope with what’s left of the horrible aftermath.

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