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Get Your Tissues Ready Because Sense8 Returns For A Feels Filled Series Finale This June

Get Your Tissues Ready Because Sense8 Returns For A Feels Filled Series Finale This June

It’s a beautiful thing to feel a connection and bond with others.

The Netflix series Sense8 takes bonds to a whole new level as it comes to a close. The series revolves around sensates, a cluster of strangers from around the world. They are born on the same day and linked mentally and emotionally. Thursday, the trailer for the series finale was revealed to wrap up the series that was unfortunately canceled during a major cliffhanger in season two.

This show handles characters fantastically in that each person is beautifully unique and bring talents to their cluster. We see Lito, a gay actor struggling with his sexuality and professional life. There is Nomi, a trans woman hacker juggling her romantic life with her girlfriend and the challenges within her cluster. Kala, a Hindu pharmacist, struggles to find meaning in her structured life. Corrupt family business hinders the life of Sun, a South Korean female kick-boxer. Wolfgang, a Berlin locksmith and safe-cracker, somehow always has trouble finding him. Bus-driving is more than just a mode of transportation for the passionate Kenyan Capheus. Tragedy is difficult to escape for Icelandic DJ Riley. And Will, a Chicago cop, pulls the pieces together between an unsolved childhood murder and the future of clusters.

Warning: Mild Spoilers Ahead!

The Beginning

The series presents each episode with growth of its characters and a plot having viewers always excited for more. The first season involves the usual introduction. Each character of the cluster gets their time to shine along with the issues they face. While we learn about the lives of each of the character, we entangle ourselves in the mystery of what causes a former sensate to kill herself. There are people who know about the clusters and a man called Whispers who hunt down clusters for experimentation that almost always leads to death.

The second season hones in on the turmoil each sensate faces as they hide from the Biologic Preservation Organization (BPO). Romance is in the air for almost everyone. Kala and Wolfgang fall for each other despite Kala’s arranged marriage. Lito comes out as gay and in love with his boyfriend at a Pride Parade. There are also more pressing issues on the rise as each sensate attempts to handle their personal lives with their cluster lives. Nomi spends almost the entire season in hiding. Sun is framed for her father’s murder. Capheus involves himself with politics to better his city. Riley struggles to help Will keep Whispers out of his mind to keep the other sensates safe. And, in the end of the season Whispers successfully captures Wolfgang.

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A Bittersweet End

The cluster is in grave danger, but won’t go down without a fight. The second season ended with viewers needing to know what happened to Wolfgang before Netflix decided to cancel the series. After many prayers and sacrifices to the streaming gods, Netflix will release a one episode series finale on June 8, 2018. It’s sad to see an amazing series end. Not only did the show cover various relationships and sexualities not airing in mainstream media, but the concept is fresh and enjoyable. The connection the sensates share is closer and more meaningful than sharing feelings. When one of them is in trouble another from the cluster can step into their consciousness and lend their abilities. They share pain and fear, but also joy and pleasure (side note: the sex scenes are all kinds of unique in this concept).

Fingers crossed that we will get the closure we deserve.


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