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Getting Magical With ‘Live From WZRD”s Open Mike Eagle

Getting Magical With ‘Live From WZRD”s Open Mike Eagle

What’s up, witches and warlocks!

Hopefully most of you got to tune in and see the hilarity that is “Live From WZRD“, the new magical wizard talk show hosted by Dani Fernandez and Open Mike Eagle, last Thursday. If not, be sure to catch it this week on VRV!

Quirktastic got the awesome opportunity chat with one of the co-hosts, Open Mike Eagle, about his new show and how he’s feeling about his new gig as a wizard host on a magical campus!

Read on to get the exclusive below:

1. What was the inspiration behind “Live from WZRD”?

Somehow, the good people at the popular streaming platform VRV found out I was a wizard and they offered me a fair amount of money toward my student loans, if I would agree to broadcast the public access show I host on campus and here we are.

2.  How did the two of you (Dani Fernandez and Open Mike Eagle) come to collaborate together on this new series?

Dani has been lightweight interested in magic for years and she finally took the exam and was accepted. It’s a good thing because we need more talented and charismatic people on campus. There’s a lot of literal monsters around and we need the balance.

3.  The humor in this show is so fresh and quirky! What can fans expect from “Live from WZRD?”

They can expect a lot of wizardry from me because I’m cold at wizarding. Like I’m one of the top collegiate wizards in the region.

4. Is the “WZRD” in “Live from WZRD” a nod to Kid Cudi?

Nope, unfortunately I was not aware that he is also a wizard.

5. What was the journey like bringing this from idea to conception?

I don’t know honestly, I mostly just show up, wand in hand, waiting for the producers to tell me what we’re doing for that day. I should be more involved in the production for sure. It’s a sore spot for all of us.

6. What has been your favorite moment so far in creating/filming this series?

We made some stuff for social media, where I rode a broom all around the set without warning. I think it might end up ruffling some feathers in the magic community, but it was well worth the risk.

7. This show focuses on a fictional Wizarding college, but can audiences expect more “mythical” surprises and guests as things progress?

Oh yes. A lot of stuff happened on that set this season. Spooky stuff. Smelly stuff. Be glad you can’t smell the set.

8. As a hip-hop artist (Open Mike Eagle) and a comedienne (Dani Fernandez) can we expect a cool mashup of these two things in the series? Perhaps even a  “Live from WZRD” soundtrack?

I have musical ideas, but I would have to go to a production meeting to implement them. Again, it’s a sore spot, sorry.


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9. Will this show touch upon/poke fun at many of the well-known “fantasy tropes” that are popular in the nerd community?

Look, we are very inclusive here at East Gatewood Community College. We don’t make fun of anyone, except monsters.

10. Who do you think will be the most “cosplayable” character in “Live from WZRD”?

Definitely Ronnie The Goblin!

11. Is there an episode or moment in the show that you think will blow the audience’s mind?

Yeah, there’s a thing that happens with some cinnamon toast that I think people are gonna get a real kick out of.

12. If you could describe “Live from WZRD” in one word, what would it be?


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