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Goodbye 2018! Hello 2019! Here Are A Few Ways To Find Luck This Year

Goodbye 2018! Hello 2019! Here Are A Few Ways To Find Luck This Year

Quirktastic is getting a bunch of new content in 2019! From videos to podcasts, we’re looking to amp up the new year. Navigating us along the way we have a new astrologer! Lorean Jacobs is here to share her love and knowledge on all the astro turf so you know just what the stars have aligned for you this year!

2018 was quite a roller coaster for some. A roller coaster that gave quite a few some bumps and bruises. As we head into 2019 here are a few places you can find abundance in the upcoming year. Check sun or rising sign.



Adventure awaits, dear Aries! Time to set out and explore what the world has to offer this year. Many of you will be traveling this year. Time to see some of those places on your bucket list. For some, this will be a year you contemplate going back to school to further your education. The world is your oyster so soak in all you can.



This is a year to deepen connections. You may have started a new romance 2018 and now it’s time to take it to the next level. Being vulnerable will allow your partner to see you in a new light. Time to shed that skin transform into a deeper you. You will be rewarded for it.



If you’re single this is a year you may meet future bae. 2019 says get out there and date. Have fun with it. If you are in a relationship, this will be a year your relationship will be very lighthearted and playful. You will have more fun with your partner than ever before.



Self-care and health is your focus this year! This year you may find it easier than ever to shed that weight. You may even start to find joy in taking care of yourself. Some of you will become more productive with your day to day activities and duties.  Go get that massage after a long day at work. Treat yourself!



Your creative juices are flowing. This could be a year some of you will be birthing visions to that passion project you’ve had on your mind. For others you may be birthing real children this year. Nonetheless, this year get out have fun, enjoy the arts, and share your mediums with the world.



Family and home will have all your attention this year, deepening your roots to make sure your family is secure. For some, the family dynamic will have to adjust. For others, you may find yourself moving into a new home. Whatever you choose, it will be important to create a peaceful sanctuary.



Road tripping baby! Libras short weekend getaways will be a way to recharge this year. Some of you will be teaching in your communities. Sharing your voice and views with the world will give you a sense of joy. Libras with strained relationships with siblings will improve as well.



Show me the money! Scorpio, its time to focus on your worth and what you value. You will find that your income is likely to increase this year. Don’t be surprised if you randomly receive an unexpected check in the mail. With this extra cash flow Scorpio, you will now be able to start saving for that big purchase you’ve been thinking about.


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This year is all about you! You will find a new sense of confidence and a positive attitude to match. Some of you will focus on self development while others will use this year to further their studies and travel. Growth can sometimes be painful but not this year Sag. Live it up in 2019!



This will be your year of awakening. Service and sacrifice is the theme. For you dear Capricorn, this is a year to dig deep and manifest your hearts desires. You may find yourself isolating yourself quite a bit this year. It’s okay, try and get together with friends and family to have some occasional fun.



Networking will be essential for you as it will come effortlessly this year. Reach out and make those influential connections to boost yourself to the next level. Last year you worked hard and you were noticed for it. Time to put those skills to work! Friendship circles are likely to increase as well.



Hey there worker bee! This year career will be the focus.  If you are looking for new employment opportunities, the universe is on your side. You will be the rockstar at the office. It’s likely that a promotion is in store for you this year, Pisces. You deserve it!

Does your sign hold some amazing things in store for 2019? Look forward to more articles on how to really harness the benefits of astrology!



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