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Grab Your Passports, We’re Going To See Spider-Man!

Grab Your Passports, We’re Going To See Spider-Man!

If you haven’t seen Infinity War, half of the Marvel Universe, including Spidey himself, was wiped away from this blessed Earth.

This is not an extension of that.


Tear jerking aside, Peter Parker takes a well-deserved trip to Europe to enjoy life with his friends and potential boo Michelle Jones, as portrayed by Zendaya. This trip is cut short when Nick Fury interrupts (as he does) with a call for assistance. Parker has to choose between having fun or saving the lives of his friends.

I’ll let you guess which one he chooses.

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The trailer also gives us a glimpse of Mysterio who is being portrayed by… Jake Gyllenhaal? The suit for Mysterio is a heavy armor with a cape. As Flash mentioned, “he looks like Iron Man and Thor rolled into one.” I’d add Doctor Strange in there too.

The film’s release date is July 5th, which is respectfully after Captain Marvel. Hopefully we’ll get some closure after the emotional roller-coaster that is Infinity War.


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