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Growing Up With A Blerdy Mom

Growing Up With A Blerdy Mom

This past weekend my mom and I talked about Stranger Things, a show I have been trying to get her to watch for months now. She and my stepdad flew through the first season just like I knew they would.

And it was in those moments of recounting the series together that I was hit with a wave of nostalgia. Remembering nights spent excitedly watching Xena Warrior Princess, Beast Master, Fringe, 4400, and every Twilight Zone marathon. The rush of happiness with every mommy/daughter day trip spent going to the library or random stop at a Barnes and Nobles to get a new book to share. Even watching the same Sailormoon VHS over and over despite having a million other things to do or worry about.

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I wonder if the little girl who used to read sci-fi novels with a flashlight under the covers knew what an incredibly supportive mother she would become? Or if she knew just how important those quirky interests that may have set her a bit apart as a kid would be to her daughter’s identity and view of the world?

I count my blessings every day, not just today, that I had a Mom who shared in everything I loved and shaped so much of the person I am today in such a positive way.

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Thank you for sharing with me your love of music, sci-fi and fantasy, literature, and anything sweet. And even though I could do without your lack of dance skills or ability to do hair, I’ll take that too. I love you Mom.

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