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The #BlackBoyJoy Has Become a Platform to Show Off Black Masculinity

The #BlackBoyJoy Has Become a Platform to Show Off Black Masculinity

In today’s social media hashtags have a short lifespan. They are created everyday and most fade after a few days depending on the popularity of it.

#Blackboyjoy has slowly but surely become more of a staple within the black community on social media. Behind this hashtag are black men expressing themselves more being happy at what they do or just living life, which is what is needed among black men.

In recent years it’s been more public videos of black men and boys being mistreated or getting shot by police which more often then not, ends in death. Often these are caught on tape and go viral instantly, and it’s hard to watch these videos. As a black man myself its definitely a struggle to find a sense of normalcy, when every time I see a cop I think I could wind up as the next black man to be shot by a cop.

As a black man expectations are high as to what a black men should or should not do. Emotions run high within Black men and often men don’t express themselves in ways that benefit them. When dealing with masculinity in today’s world, people are redefining what masculinity is. There are so called rules that the world has about how you should act. That is within the black community and out of it, which begs the questions as to what one can do. What is supposed to be the norm for a black men or boy that’s trying to live life his way. I believe this is where black boy joy comes into play.

Typing this hashtag to a search on current social media platforms you’ll see pictures and videos of black men living their best life. Among performing various activities when posting with this hashtag you see a lot of them smiling. You don’t see black men in this setting especially online. With social media it allows black men to connect and see each other in a space where we can enjoy being a black man. We can define what being a man is about for us without having to conform to the normalcy of what society think we should be.

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Even if this hashtag doesn’t last, the energy behind it has been set in the black community. That joy that allows us to smile and to show it off in a setting that is our norm.

We can enjoy being a black man without this hashtag, its purpose is to just let everybody else find us easier.

Photos provided by: @jourdai_ on Instagram

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