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The One Season Premiere That Should Be On Your Calendar This Summer

The One Season Premiere That Should Be On Your Calendar This Summer

Team Issa, rejoice!!!!!

And Team Best Buy, you can just continue to suck it.

Issa Rae just made this *cutest* announcement on her Instagram with the news that Insecure Season 3 will be returning to HBO on August 12, 2018!!!

In Season 2, we all had to gather around the kitchen table and discuss the following topics:


-Open relationships

-What to do after heartbreak

-Fake relationships and rebounds

-Black women in therapy

-Black people being fetishized by other races

-Do you date the nice guy, even though you’re not attracted to him?

I could barely keep up and everyone got on my nerves.

But, here are some loose ends that I am hoping Issa ties up for us:

See Also

-Will Molly jump in the sheets with Dro? Clinton? Or will she finally give herself time to breathe?

-Lawrence + Issa are friends again. But, will they try to be anything more ever again? (I can’t decide what I want to see!)

-We all know there’s something weird about Tiffany’s marriage- I am not falling for the picture- perfect images she’s putting out. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH HER AND HER HUSBAND?

-Issa showed up with all of her things at Daniel’s house. Oh Lord– is it possible to live with someone you’ve cheat with and NOT have things turn out for the worst?

Cannot wait to yell at my TV screen with a few of my best friends.

Will ya’ll be tuning in ?

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