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Here’s Why We Don’t Need Toy Story 4

Here’s Why We Don’t Need Toy Story 4

Listen. Hollywood has this problem where they don’t know how to leave well-enough alone.

Pixar has released the teaser for Toy Story 4, a new film that will premiere June of 2019.

In the teaser we see familiar faces that have dawned the silver screen since 1995 being their cheery and wacky selves. Then we see this guy…

WHOOOOO THE F#*! IS THIS? And he blatantly admits in the trailer that he’s not even a toy? I have some concerns…

First Of All

Why does he remind us of the annoying paperclip that you could never get rid of in Microsoft Word? I know that’s petty but it is what it is.

Second Of All

The Toy Story franchise has been a long-time favorite from 90s to 00s Pixar kids. The story presumably wrapped in 2010 with Toy Story 3 in what was one of the most heart-wrenching and perfectly told endings ever. Why are we rehashing it? Just, WHY?

Perhaps it was because I know how to leave well-enough alone but I didn’t even hear the announcement for a fourth film. In the ending of the franchise, we have Andy who is about to go off to college. The toys wind up accidentally being donated and after going through the motions and almost being BURNED ALIVE, they make their way back just to have a heartfelt goodbye as they’re left with their new owner, Bonnie. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect ending? Well, that’s because it is!

The whole point of Toy Story 3 was to put an end to the story. Why did you put us through all of this just to not have it end? I’m sorry, but I don’t care to see anything about ‘ol what’s-her-face with ANDY’S TOYS. I’m tired. And yes, I’m salty.

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Third Of All

One thing the previous movies did well was the character development. Woody was incredibly apprehensive to add Buzz to the crew but through their adventure they both grew in what were actually some super deep and relatable ways. With the introduction of this new character who is…a spork?…we’re going to need a good storyline that hits home again. Pixar hardly ever disappoints, though, so there’s that.

And Finally

I’m just really not trying to cry anymore. I was done 8 years ago with what was SUPPOSED TO BE the end. Hollywood please stop saying it’s over when it’s not. We’ve had this discussion already with the most recent Halloween film. With this just being the teaser, we’ll of course have to see what the actual trailer cooks up. Keeping our eyes peeled!

Alas,  we will still be watching because, duh. Are you excited for Toy Story 4?

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