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9 Of The Most Iconic Cartoon Villains From The 90s-00s

9 Of The Most Iconic Cartoon Villains From The 90s-00s

Bad to the bone! As a kid we always root for the hero, in hopes that the villain’s plans would be thwarted never to disrupt the balance of good and evil again.

Then there are some cases where as much as we hate to admit it…we actually wanted evil to prevail. On this list we’ll be reviewing the “Top 9 Iconic Cartoon Villains of the 90s- 00s” that made being bad so good. We’ll be focusing on cartoon villains in particular so popular anime villains like Orochimaru or Frieza won’t be included, as well as comic book villains like Joker and Poison Ivy.

9. Princess Morebucks

Powerpuff Girls (Cartoon Network), Artwork by Thaddeus Coates

The spoiled rotten, rich, and rancid little brat with quite a temper with an unhealthy obsession with becoming a “Powerpuff Girl” and will stop at NOTHING to do so. Often times seen whining and throwing a temper-tantrum over any little thing. The only thing that calms the putrid Princess remotely is the money she gets from her daddy, after throwing a full fit. “If I can’t be a Powerpuff Girl, then there won’t be any Powerpuff Girls!”. Once she realizes she can’t become a part of the Powerpuff Trio, she seeks a personal vendetta on the girls. So why do we love her ? She’s Stuck Up, Up and Away!, and we kind of love her for that.

8. Ember McClain

Danny Phantom (Nickelodeon), Artwork by Thaddeus Coates

The punk rock, totally wicked pop-star bent on destroying Danny and the Ghost Zone and using her hypnotic music to control the masses. Ember’s gnarly radical eyeliner and her ghostly electric blue hair really make you fall in love with her villainess. You could call her a siren of sorts, entrapping Danny under her love spell with Sam. Ember planned for total WORLD domination for her televised concert with hopes of enslaving the masses. Her signature chic eyeliner accompanied by her black skull boots makes her fashionably admirable. She was RELENTLESS in her battle with Danny crooning “You Will Remember My Name”.

7. Mandark

Dexter’s Labortory (Cartoon Network), Artwork by Thaddeus Coates

Dexter’s sworn arch-nemesis! The evil boy genius who is bent on the destruction of Dexter’s laboratory and ruling the world. Originally Mandark was lightyears ahead of Dexter but in an accident Dexter and Dee destroyed Mandark’s lab. As a result Mandark swore to become BETTER than Dexter in any way possible. After all, there can only be ONE “Boy Genius” on the block. With a signature black bowl cut and a striped yellow tie, he swears that he will attain the love of Dee Dee, Dexter’s younger sister. Mandark is clever and cunning and resilient in his rival with Dexter making him a worthy adversary and an even tougher villain.

6. Bling Bling Boy

Johnny Test (Cartoon Network), Artwork by Thaddeus Coates

The multi-million dollar brat with an unhealthy crush and the illest rap rhymes, Bling Bling Boy is nemesis to Johnny Test. He is one of the main anatagonist of the show. Not only is he evil but also is on a quest to attain the love of Susan Test, he often utilizes his money to brag an flaunt in hopes of acquiring her attention, to her avail he does not. He blames it on Johnny and his meddling dog Dukey, dawning a rivalry between the two throughout the seasons.

5. The Kanker Sisters

Ed Edd n Eddy (Cartoon Network), Artwork by Thaddeus Coates

The terrible trio of Peach Creek, Marie, Lee and May. The Kankers are essentially the equals of the Eds, who cycle through feelings of love and hate for them. Sometimes, they become manic and possessive of the Eds; other times, they yearn for romance; and sometimes abuse them. After they confessed their love to the Eds they were rejected and then felt the compulsion to torment the them ever since, tieing them in knots, dumping them in the trashcans, pushing them in pools you name it. A terrible trio indeed!

4. Duchess

Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends (Cartoon Network), Artwork by Thaddeus Coates

The Snobby ,and self-centered imaginary friend, Duchess. Loosely based off of Picasso’s cubism style. She’s considered a “high-maintenance” friend, not wanting to do anything for herself, and tried to murder Bloo, Mac and the Foster’s Home squad, using the “Extremeosaurus”, a deadly imaginary friend. Talk about EVIL! She was never to be adopted by any human because she spews insults faster than Silk Almond Milk was recalled.

3. Him

Powerpuff Girls (Cartoon Network), Artwork by Thaddeus Coates

One of the most iconic villains in of Cartoon Network history and of all time in the Powerpuff Girls. Him is deranged, sadistic, and hellbent on destroying the Powerpuff Girls. When introduced through his monologue he expressed his complete disdain for the City of Townsville perfect little girls.

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He often plays on weaknesses, bitter, evil, ruthless, mysterious, domineering and possesses seemingly no motive other than the personal sadistic pleasure of others suffering.

2. Aku

Samurai Jack (Cartoon Network), Artwork by Thaddeus Coates

Literally EVIL, in its darkest form, the VILLAIN of villains, Aku! Threatening and dastardly ; Aku looms over Samurai Jack throughout his quest to get back to the past. Often going toe to toe with Jack they could never seem to break the tie betwixt the two. Aku is clever and always shows up to torment Jack at his weakest to no avail. In the distant parallel future, Aku managed to terrorize the majority of the entire world, making himself the undisputed ruler of Earth. It is here that he proves to be a top tier villain, he is relentless taking any and every opportunity to destroy the samurai, sending bounty hunters, armies and setting traps. Truly worthy of the top 3 villains for sure.

1. Mojo JoJo

Powerpuff Girls (Cartoon Network), Artwork by Thaddeus Coates

The SUPER villains of supervillains constantly plotting to take over the world, Mojo Jojo. Often hatching a diabolical plan. He is cunning and menacing, determined to destroy the Powerpuff Girls and the entire world. Harboring his abandonment by the very Professor who he once accompanied in his lab. It is this dynamic that created the jealousy that Mojo Jojo internalizes. He is partly responsible for the creation of the Powerpuff Girls, and the exposure to the accident cause his brain to grow, hence his signature helmet. He is one of The Powerpuff Girls’ TOUGHEST rivals. Despite usually failing, he has even managed to defeat them a few time.

Even when it is sure he will be defeated he remains consist, which is the key to any good villain much like a hero, the determination, which is incomparable to any other cartoon villain. Which is why he is number 1.

Who is your favorite from the list or who is your favorite villain that you would love to see on the next list?

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