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#HotGothsip: 4 Books Featuring Black Alternative Folx That You Need To Add To Your Reading List This Fall

#HotGothsip: 4 Books Featuring Black Alternative Folx That You Need To Add To Your Reading List This Fall

HotGothsip Afro Punk Alternative Books Reading list

Welcome to the first installment of Quirktastic’s Hot Gothsip series! Your go-to place to sink your teeth into all things punk, goth, scene, and alternative! This week we’re building-up your alternative-inspired reading list.

There’s so many good books to read out there! But for us? There’s books even more relatable than ones simply based around Black people.

Let’s have ’em be Black, but make it fashun rock (pun intended)!

Here’s five books for you to add to your reading list NOW.


Hot Gothsip What Are You Doing Here by Laina Dawes

WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? A Black Woman’s Life and Liberation in Heavy Metal by Laina Dawes

Navigate Dawes’ life as a Black woman into heavy metal, as well as plenty of unfortunate history lessons about being Black in the heavy metal scene. Gender roles and straight-up overlooking and much more is beautifully written by Dawes and a lot of people recommend this book to everyone they know!


Tiffany Sly Lives Here Now Dana Davis Afro Punk Alternative Black Books to Read

Tiffany Sly Lives Here Now by Dana Davis

A fictional book, but one with a *gasp* rock-loving sista with her beloved guitar and who talks openly about her mental health issues??? Waaaa?!

Tiffany has lost her mom to cancer, and all-of-a-sudden doesn’t know who her real dad is as she’s located into a new state and life that is completely different from her old one. How will she cope, who’s this mysterious guy who seems to keep her world falling apart in balance (a slight spoiler but… no romantic subplots! So no, he’s not romantically helping her)?!

I actually wrote a whole review on this book when it first came out here.



Black Card by Chris l Terry Afro-Punk Alternative Fiction book

Black Card by Chris L. Terry

Another fictional book everyone is raving about! The main character goes through the “not Black enough” time in his life. He’s part of a punk band, and they remind him of how “different” he is.

He navigates his teen years, love, and an incident that gets his Black Card revoked. But will he decide who he is before the world decides for him?

See Also

You’ll have to read and see!


rip it up afro punk black alternative book you should read this fall

Rip It Up: The Black Experience in Rock N Roll by Kandia Crazy Horse (Editor)

If you ever wanted a book filled with interviews of Black people within the rock industry, you have it here!

From Prince, to a band called Bad Brains… We learn what it’s like for being Black in the rock space, and the angle it’s written in is one that’s unique and telling.


Should we make a book club? Have you read any of these books? Itching to read any of them? Let’s talk about it over on the Quirktastic friendship app! Download it today for iOS and Android!


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