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#HotGothsip: 13 Alternative YesStyle Pieces Under $30 That You’ll Be Adding To Your Shopping Cart

#HotGothsip: 13 Alternative YesStyle Pieces Under $30 That You’ll Be Adding To Your Shopping Cart

YesStyle Punk Red Glasses

Thank heathens I’ve shopped at YesStyle twice now, otherwise you wouldn’t have the gall to order from the too-good-to-be-true website yourself! 😉

Welcome to the “What’s the Hot Gothsip?” series (or #HotGothsip for short)! Your go-to place to sink your teeth into all things punk, goth, scene, and alternative!

This week we’re going to make your wallet cry with crazy-great and unique alternative pieces to buy on YesStyle. And I’ve just written an article on hacks and tips to get even better deals on the site too!

To start (cause believe me there’s more), when you sign up you get 10% off your first order. And you can stack a deal on top of that and use my code, DITCHADULT, to save even more money!

We’re gonna make your wallet sob, y’all!

Louise Belcher evil laugh over alternative YesStyle pieces killing your wallet

So far for the more alternative YesStyle goods I’ve gotten have been this good quality baseball cap with two metal rings through the bill, and this faux leather chained belt.

But of course, I WANT MORE!

Definitely search til your heart’s content! But I’m gonna get rid of some of the overwhelm by showing off some of your choices in this article. And they’re all under $30!

And that other YesStyle article I wrote with the tips and tricks? It also has additional alternative wear(!!!).

I mean… what else is this alternative community for?! 🙂


The Faux Leather Chained Belt


Double-Ringed Baseball Cap


Alternative YesStyle Piece


Temp Tattoos That’ll Fool Your Friends

Alternative YesStyle Tattoo


Buckled Mesh Crop Top

YesStyle Alternative Wear


High-Waist Chained Cargo Pants

YesStyle Alternative Wear


Short-Sleeve Crop Top / Plaid Mini Skirt / Cutout Shorts / Chained Belt

YesStyle Alternative


Short/Long Chain Chokers


YesStyle Alternative Wear


Chunky/Thin-Chained Chokers

YesStyle Alternative Wear

See Also


Hoop & Chain Faux Leather Choker

YesStyle Alternative Choker


Mix-Matched Chain Earrings

YesStyle Alternative Earrings


Single Cross Drop Earrings

YesStyle Alternative Earrings


Block Heel Cut-Out Platform Boots

YesStyle Alternative Boots


Faux Leather Platform Shoes

YesStyle Alternative Platform Shoes


Featured Image via YesStyle


How many of these items are you swooning over? Did you find anything different? Let’s swap finds over on the Quirktastic app! Download it today!

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