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#HotGothsip: 4 Reasons Why Fall And Winter Are The Best Times To Get Tattooed

#HotGothsip: 4 Reasons Why Fall And Winter Are The Best Times To Get Tattooed

best times to get tattooed ashlee jenae

You might think summertime is the best time to get your next (or first!) tattoo… but you’re wrong! And for good reason! Here’s why…

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Before you spew your rebuttals as to why summer is the prime time to get your next tattoo, let me explain what you’re probably thinking…

“Getting my tattoo in the summertime means I can SHOW. IT. OFF!

And ASAP!”

“Bare skin means I can get the best bang for my buck sooner rather than later!”

(Plus it’s just a happy time of longer days and more activities!)

But these (and several others) are reasons not to get your next tattoo during the summer!

Lemme give you the skinny:


Mo’ Exposure, Mo’ Problems

You’ve gotta treat your new tattoo like a newborn child (maybe even better).

Because whatever you expose it to sets it up for the rest of its life! Oh, wait…

Okay then yes, treat that bad boy like a baby you need to protect.

Sun exposure is no bueno to the raw carnage of your fresh ink.

(Think about it: you just had your skin stabbed to death forever by tons of ink-filled needles… you’re susceptible to infections and fading and all sorts of other hazards to your tattoo if not cared for properly!)

So what’s best for your new tattoo? The layers of winter!

Shroud that thing in DARKNESS, yo!

You more-than-likely will have plenty of layers on to keep you warm as the weather chills, so it’s the most opportune time to keep sun exposure to a minimum.

Though keep in mind that for the first few two to three weeks your tattoo is most susceptible to infections (it’s the time frame before you can go swimming). But you honestly should give your tattoo at least 6 weeks to heal (it depends on you, and the tattoo).


best times to get tattooed miryam lumpini


Easy(er)-Access Artists

Since everyone and their tattooed mother is probably thinking summertime’s best time to get tattooed, they’ll probably swarm the shops.

… unlike the colder months!

You should always look into the artists you’re planning to let tattoo your body anyway, but some tattoo artists may be easier to access during the fall and winter than when we all start to come alive again in the spring and summer.

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Actually, we’ve written about some epic Black tattoo artists you should check out (in the wake of some slight racism in tattoo culture).


Bypass The Ugly Stage

Well, you won’t necessarily bypass it…

You’ll just be the only one to witness it. 🙂

If you’ve never gotten a tattoo before, it sheds like a snake as it heals!

And it ain’t pretty.



Because you want your tattoos to come out as amazing as possible, personally feel like I don’t have to worry about missing out on trips or anything during the colder months.

Like I said earlier, the less exposure your new tattoo gets to elements like pools, the sun, and sandy beaches, the better.

But if you’re getting inked in the winter, you won’t miss out on those epic activities!

best times to get tattooed no fomo

Featured Image of Ashlee Jenae via @shotbyace302

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