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‘How Do You Smoke A Weed?’ Is A Fun, Zany How-To Guide About Safe Usage For The Cannabis-Curious

‘How Do You Smoke A Weed?’ Is A Fun, Zany How-To Guide About Safe Usage For The Cannabis-Curious

No matter where you stand on this debate, the fact of the matter is this: with marijuana decriminalized or legalized in 26 states and Washington DC, dispensaries are popping up everywhere, and experienced users are openly rejoicing.

With all that in mind,  it can be hard for the marijuana newbie, cowed by years of Just-Say-No-disinformation, to find their way. Written by experienced, conscientious users and presented in an easy-to-read comic book format, How Do You Smoke a Weed?  presents a fun, new informative guide that fills that gap, and covers everything from weed history to strains, couch-locks to body highs, and edibles to vaporizers for any and all cannabis-curious audiences.

Published by Iron Circus comics, How Do You Smoke A Weed? follows Sprout, a wee babe of a Weeping Giant Sequoia, who is psyched to smoke marijuana for the first time. But she stumbles upon her first obstacle right away: she has no idea what she’s doing!

A trio of helpful (and more mature) sequoias give Sprout a dried cannabis flower and send her on a delightful journey of discovery. The forest is alive with wizened old animals who know the laws and customs, the history and science, and all the ins and outs of America’s increasingly legal pastime. How Do You Smoke a Weed? is both a fun storybook quest and a practical how-to for the novice weed smoker.

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Filled with quirky illustrations and zany humor, How Do You Smoke A Weed is a perfect comic (and guide) that dispels helpful information without being too preachy nor taking itself too seriously. A sure-to-be-favorite for all readers (of appropriate age of course) whether they partake or not!

How Do You Smoke a Weed? is written by Lin Visel and Lauren Keller, and illustrated by Lin Visel and Joseph Bergin III, and will be available from Iron Circus Comics on 4/23.

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