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How To Bring Some Ghibli Magic Into The Real World

How To Bring Some Ghibli Magic Into The Real World

We have all experienced the magic of a Studio Ghibli film. Whether it’s an airy, magical feeling like the waves in Ponyo or a sense of wonder like the forest in Princess Mononoke.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could bring that magic into the real world? Here are a few tips to bring a piece of Studio Ghibli magic into your everyday life.

STEP ONE: Cook Something Delicious

Cooking can be therapeutic. In almost every Studio Ghibli film, food is showcased looking so yummy it will make your mouth water! Find a recipe for something new and cook it. Or better yet, cook one of the many delicacies from your favorite Ghibli movies! Here’s a Buzzfeed Article to get you started!

STEP TWO: Explore Some Nature

The grassy outdoors is a recurring theme in Studio Ghibli films. Although some may argue real life isn’t as beautiful as anime, taking a break from the everyday scenery can refresh the soul and give you an unforgettable feeling. Have a picnic in a forest you’ve never been to or take a hike in a local park. Embrace Mother Nature with open arms and become a princess of the wild like Princess Mononoke!

STEP THREE: Spend Some Time With Friends Or Family

Creating special memories with the people you care about the most can be a magical feeling. Holidays aren’t the only time togetherness is important. Movies like My Neighbor Totoro and Ponyo focus on the importance of spending time with loved ones and how fun it can be. Do something you wouldn’t normally do like learn about your parent’s favorite memory or help your best friend clean out their garage. You’ll be surprised what could come out of it.

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STEP FOUR: Do Something Nostalgic

In every Ghibli film, youth is presented as a heroic time in our lives. It is present and fleeting all at the same time and we all must experience it. Relive that moment by rewatching a movie or reading a book that meant a lot to you when you were younger. With all the pressures of adulthood, take time to take a trip with your kid self! I’m sure they missed you.

Although watching Studio Ghibli films gives us a special kind of feeling, doing these things will bring that magic over into our everyday lives.

I don’t know about you, but I think we all could deserve some real-life magic.

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