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How To Cure The End Of Halloween Blues

How To Cure The End Of Halloween Blues

         The end is near…the end of Halloween that is. If you’re like me you’re wracking your brain trying to figure out how October went by so fast.

One minute we were bombarded with Halloween decorations and now your local Halloween store is closing up shop until next year. I know I, for one, am sad to see Halloween come and go, but instead of crying in my witches vial, I’m grabbing my spooky cauldron and conjuring up some fun ways to make Halloween last!

Watch A Spooky Movie

This maybe an obvious one but unless you’re a true horror genre fan you don’t realize just how much you don’t see the classic horror films especially when they’re running back-to-back on every television network. But the great thing about horror movies is that they go well with any month especially in the winter when a chill can set in your bones…literally. You can always start with a trusty classic, the space thrillers Alien and The Thing (Carpertener’s version), hotel hell such as Psycho and Vacancy, slashers or my favorite haunting, head-spinning tales, The Conjuring and IT.

If you don’t want float too, but still want a spooky story, you can always go the route of pretty much whatever ends up on FreeForm, or take a trip down nostalgia lane with Disney TV movies! These include Twitches, Halloween Town (whole franchise), Don’t Look Under the Bed, and The Scream Team! I could spend all day listing things off but you get the point! If you want to keep the Halloween vibes going, get those movies rolling!


Visit Your Favorite Haunt

The great thing is most large scale haunt productions don’t stop the party at the end of the Halloween holiday. Plenty of these attractions keep running sometimes until the end of November! Universal Studios Hollywood, Midnight Terror – Illinois, Dark Castle Haunted – South Carolina, the list goes on! Or, if you have the house or a friend that has a certain house, you could always put on your own haunt and invite neighbors and friends to join in on the scare! Either way, going to take a drip down Hell lane would be a great way to keep the Halloween spirits up! Here are some major haunts across the country that stay open past Halloween, click on the link if your interested and you may find one in your home state!

Spooky D.I.Y. Fun!

Now that we’ve gotten practical out of the way it wouldn’t be a true horror without a little suspense of disbelief. Who doesn’t love to do arts and crafts especially if it gives you a chance to use your imagination and make something out of it. Here are some of my suggestions, realistic and not quite so, but they give Halloween fun nonetheless!

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If you’re really talented and crafty you could make this awesome witch broom chandelier complete with lit lanterns, black cats, and black sand! Or you know the gingerbread house that’s been in your cupboard since last Christmas? Bust that baby out, and get rid of the dusty, moldy treats it came with and decorate with all black everything – black icing, black licorice, spider webs, whatever else you could think of.

Then of course if you’re like me and have your head always in the clouds, you could journal a million ways to do the witchy and spooky things you want to do. Create your own spell book with some of your favorite spells, and come up with some of your own! Journal 10 different uses for Dragons Blood, Frog’s breath, vampire teeth, and whatever else pops into your mind. Clean out your witches cauldron, and brew some delicious concoctions…if you know what I mean! The cool thing is most Halloween shops are trying to get rid of their stock so grab a bunch of stuff for half price and throw a post mortem Halloween party! Get it…post mortem!

Just because Halloween is over doesn’t mean the spirit of it has to be! Grab your friends and jumpstart your own terrifyingly good time with these tips. What are some things that you do to keep the Halloween spirit alive year round? Leave us a comment!



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