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How To Deal With Comparison When You’re Creating Content For Social Media

How To Deal With Comparison When You’re Creating Content For Social Media

how to deal with comparison as a content creator

Whether you’re cosplaying or promoting your Twitch channel on Instagram, you’ll be sure to measure your worth based on how many likes you’re getting. Especially if you compare yourself to others.

That’s why we need to get a few things clear before you decide you need to throw in the towel with the content you create.

It Can Take Years To Become An “Overnight Success”

We notice the accounts and people with tens of thousands of followers and engagement and (seems like) everything else… but our brains conveniently forget that it took them a long long time before they got to where you know them to be today.

We live in a world that’s all about instant gratification, so be aware of that and tell your mind to CHILL! Don’t stress when things aren’t coming together as soon as you hit “publish.”

Everyone Doesn’t Play Fair

Don’t forget, unfortunately, that there are people online that pay for followers. They want to LOOK like they’re big and popular so they surpass genuine, loyal, followers for the big number.

But just like anything else… Quality over quantity is what matters here.

Remember: There Are NO Rules For Success

Literally! There are NO rules for how people can come across their come up. So why count yourself out when literally anything is possible (so long as you show up)? And like the first fact above states… it can take time. You’ve got this!

We’re Our Own Worst Critics

Take what you think about yourself with a grain of salt. If you see yourself constantly critiquing how you’re doing, look into why you’re feeling the way you are. If there’s nothing logical about it that can be nipped in the bud,? Brush it off! Literally shoo negative thoughts away and keep going!

Everyone Sucks At The Beginning!

No matter how many times this is said, we’re always gonna see someone’s work and think they’ve always been on top of it!

But they haven’t!

Believe it or not, they didn’t start all polished and knowing what they’re doing. Their work probably started very similarly to your’s–maybe even “worse.”

The most important thing here is that they started where they were at with what they had, and grew from there.

Sometimes You’ve Got To Step Away

There will be days when the resilience you build up won’t be enough to fend off the negative thoughts. On these days? Step away from the platform and take a day to recharge yourself.

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See Yourself In An Evolved Light

Instead of seeing yourself as this person trying to succeed in your creative platform of choice, start to take action as the person who’s already made it. You’ll feel less resistance if you live with the mindset of the person who’s at the place you’re wanting to be.

With your “I’ve made it!” persona embodied, then ask yourself questions like, “What would they do? How would they act? How would they think? What actions would they take to further their goals? How would they invest their time and money?”

There’s so many questions you could ask yourself to help you navigate this higher feeling, but this is a great way to start.

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