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How To Protect Your Energy

How To Protect Your Energy

Sometimes, we can’t help but be energy sponges.

As we go about life we interact with the world around us. With those interactions can also come energy draining. At times, people can be a lot. Life can be a lot. Negative energy can pop up when we least expect it and we’re unable to protect ourselves from it all. News stories, co-workers, ex-lovers, family members, all of these sources can impact us in the most inconvenient ways.

But it doesn’t always have to be that way. Luckily we can give ourselves space to repair or recover, because protecting our energy is important to manage our physical, mental, and emotional space. Here are some ways you can protect your energy and stay centered.

First, recognize what is impacting your energy.

This can at times be difficult if we’re not always in tune with ourselves and the world around us. A good way to begin is getting comfortable in a seated position and take a few deep breaths. This will help center yourself so that you can focus on recognizing the things that influence your energy. It’s important that when you do this, you aren’t too hard on yourself. It’s easy to begin over-analyzing things, and this won’t help in the long run.

Unplug once in awhile.

Technology can be consuming and stifling. We have the world at our fingertips, and with that we can feel overloaded. Between news and other peoples’ lives, we can get wrapped up in everything but ourselves. Taking media or technology breaks once in awhile allows for more “us” time. Plus, our eyes might like the break from the blue light of computers, phones, and TVs. Also, unplugging thirty minutes before bed helps you go to sleep faster!

Create boundaries.

This could involve many things. Say “no” without guilt or explanation. Saying “yes” because you want to, not out of obligation. Asking for what you need. Use your truth. A boundary is a fence and you are the gatekeeper. You decide what and who is let in. Not only that, you also decide what’s kept out and the limit of stay.

Visualize your protection.

Personally, imagining a bubble barrier around me works wonders. For others it could be a fierce animal (i.e. a panther), a force of light (or darkness for the dark ones out there), anything that makes you feel more at ease.

Don’t respond.

Don’t do it. Sometimes the conflict isn’t worth the mental effort and you just need to step away. Rage about it later through writing or kickboxing or whatever helps you then let it go.

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Do what you love.

There are times where we just know our energy is going to be impacted that day or week or month. This is where you can take steps to prepare yourself and maybe even lessen the blow of it all. Make your favorite meal. Read you favorite poem or book. Watch your favorite show(s)/movie(s). Smudge yourself and your space. Meditate. Surround yourself with all the healing you need.

Honor your needs.

We tend to forget about ourselves a lot and neglect ourselves. If you need quiet time, do it. Need a friend? Make those plans. Release the things that don’t benefit you. Take a mental health day if you’re able.

You matter, and you deserve to have the things that help you be your full self.


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