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How To Use This Scorpio New Moon Before The Spooky Mercury Retrograde

How To Use This Scorpio New Moon Before The Spooky Mercury Retrograde

The week of the 27th is looking pretty busy in the cosmos this time around. 

On Halloween, Mercury is going retrograde right in the midst of Scorpio season. This time will help you re-evaluate your lifestyle and make necessary changes to help you thrive. If you want to know more about this spooky retrograde, catch up on everything about it here!

You will start to see what is of quality and what you will leave behind. 

This new moon will be bringing in the transformation you’ve been waiting for! As we’re still feeling the affects of Pluto exiting it’s own retrograde, all the shadows of ourselves and our past is coming to light. The Scorpio energy is about facing these shadows head on, and embracing that fearlessness to get it all go. This period is about passion, shadow, and sensuality. Release what no longer serves you, and embrace those parts of yourself you’ve been neglecting. As one of the pricklier of the water signs, Scorpio will give you that confidence to no longer accept what isn’t best for you. To tap into that new moon energy, here are some rituals to help.


You can do a tarot spread or you can journal, whichever fits your means! Some questions you’d like to reflect on may include the following:

  1. What is hidden from me?
  2. What are my emotions telling me?
  3. How can I open my awareness?
  4. What knowledge is awaiting me?

If you’re doing a tarot spread, try to shape the cards into the form of the Scorpio sign. If you’re journaling, really reflect on these questions and let your spirit guide what you want for yourself.

Crystal Healing

For some crystal healing this week, black moonstone is the way to go! Focusing on both earth and water elements, black moonstone is helpful in grounding, shadow work, protection, and inner strength. It reminds you of your own inner strength, and grounds you in your intentions. When you need help accessing your wisdom, black moonstone will lead you there.

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Shadow Work

Our shadow includes the things that aren’t pleasant about ourselves. We tend to try to avoid it, but our shadow is part of us. Some question to explore your shadow aspects could include the following:

  1. How do I balance each side of myself?
  2. What do I hate about myself? Why?
  3. What is my full potential? 
  4. What am I most afraid of?
  5. How does my ego hold me back?

Make sure to care for yourself as you delve into this work. It’s not always easy or comfortable facing the sides of ourselves we’ve ignored or hidden for so long.

Now is the time to embrace all of yourself and let go of things that won’t help you thrive!

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