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#HotGothsip: Shining A Light On The Hypocrisy Of What’s Considered A Body Modification

#HotGothsip: Shining A Light On The Hypocrisy Of What’s Considered A Body Modification

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There are plenty of body modifications people do in our society, it’s just funny to me which ones this same society picks and chooses are deemed acceptable.

Let’s drag this concept today, shall we?

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PSA: everyone’s definition of happiness is not the same!

So when you decide you’d like a tattoo, others need to realize that’s your choice for your body. Just like breast implants are someone’s choice, dyeing hair is someone’s choice, and getting a second lobe piercing is someone’s choice.


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Image and tattoo by dangerdaveink

Anyone else’s views on your life are irrelevant. It is your life after all. But it seems that everyone has to slide their comments about how you’re living your life one way or another.

Well, I’m here to tell you that body modifications, are body modifications, are body modifications.

Anything you do to alter the appearance of your natural look is considered an alteration, and that’s not a bad thing at all.

So for families who get their child’s ears pierced, but feel uneasy when they want their nostril pierced, or hair dyed an unnatural color, you’re feeding into the imaginary stigma that has been set towards people with body modifications that aren’t deemed “the norm.”

Am I not right? Disagree? Let’s dig a little deeper…

There are so many definitions of body modifications, but much of society cringes at anything out-of-the-“norm.”

What makes hair-coloring and styles, cosmetic surgery, makeup, fashion, and any other forms of expression any different? Beauty lies within the eyes of the beholder.

Who even made the rule that women needed to shave their leg hair, but arm hair isn’t as “detrimental”?

Who even made it law that women needed to shave period?! (Adam Ruins Everything actually covers this really well and extensively… and it’s infuriating! 🙃)

I know things like makeup, Spanx, and hair extensions aren’t permanent alterations, but they still are body modifications.

Family And Body Modification

My family has never been too keen on piercings and tattoos; even when I think mine through, and kept my unforseen future in mind. Any additional body art in the piercing and tattoo realm that isn’t a primary and standardized piercing received cringes and remarks:

“That’s not you… Your personality doesn’t match that.” or “You’ll draw the wrong crowd to you.”

It’s bad enough that body art can be seen with a certain stigma, but why feed into it?

There are so many people with alternative looks nowadays, that it honestly should be considered more common now. I remember trying to explain to my mom and grandma that women wore thick winged eyeliner as a day-time look, daily.

But… *clutches pearls* that’s an evening look! 

See Also

Resourcing Elayne Angel, Piercing Expert

Being a Millennial, I know plenty of people with several tattoos and piercings who don’t fit into the rebellious, tough guy/gal mold. I even read bits and pieces of The Piercing Bible: The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing by Elayne Angel, and in the beginning she stated that she’s seen all kinds of people come in to get piercings: from neurosurgeons, to secretaries.

Some people just like having a little secret or small piercing for themselves.

The urge to decorate the body and control one’s appearance is a universal human trait.”

– Elayne Angel, The Piercing Bible

Why is body art still so ignorantly viewed? I know I’m waiting for the age of “different equals demonic” to end, and I’m gradually feeling a shift, even if it’s not happening close to home for me personally.

Where Can You Find Support for the Sake of Your Happiness?

How can there still be such a lack of support towards doing what makes you happy? Even just simply agreeing to disagree seems like a vague concept.

Sure, I think a talk and reminder from relevant people about how permanent some modifications can be could be brought up, but to be shot down for your views of beauty is disheartening.

Even so, do as you please when it comes to your body as long as you’re doing it in a safe, sanitary, smart, and healthy way. And in my eyes, proper pre and post-care of tattoos and piercings is no different than proper pre and post-care of breast implants and hair dying commitments.

So please, spare me the “be happy with the skin you’re in” statement if you’re manipulating anything on your body to beautify it to your personal standard.

I don’t see anything wrong with adoring what you adorn your body with.

Featured Image via I Puke Kawaii

Do you agree with my stance that body modifications truly do fall under a HUGE umbrella? How many readers have body art?! Share what you have and love to do to make yourselves look awesome on the Quirktastic app!

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  • I can recognize that there are some body modifications that may not be my cup of tea, but what someone does with their body is not my business. As you stated, people should feel free to express themselves how they see fit as long as it is safe. I’m lucky to finally work for an employer that is flexible with modifications and I’ve done my fair share of experimenting with different shades of hair color. I wish more people embraced uniqueness.

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