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I Went To My First Con This Weekend And Here’s What Happened…

I Went To My First Con This Weekend And Here’s What Happened…

This past weekend was Raleigh Supercon and thanks to Quirktastic, my boyfriend and I got to experience our first convention.

Even with the drizzle, day one was overwhelming. We spotted The Crystal Gems, half of Class 1A from UA, and most of the DC Universe. There was so much to see through the throngs of heroes, villains, aliens, and schoolgirls.

After aimlessly wandering around and marveling at everyone’s crafty cosplays, we finally ended up in a room full of voice acting legends.

On a few of the panels, we were able to listen to legends like Barbara Dunkelman, Monica Rial, Josh Petersorf, and many more.

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After the Q&A panels, we went to a Cartoon Network costume contest where we got to see the lustrous White Diamond who was greeted to cheers as she descended the stairs and we helped Starfire be great for her photo-op, shining the mini flashlight she’d brought with her to illuminate her green glowing lenses.

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We sat next to Mirai Trunks at the screening of Dragon Ball Super, we trailed in and out of rooms where people played video games, bought manga, and listened to their favorite artists, writers, and voice actors discuss their passions and struggles in their careers.

That night, we came back for our second ever nerdlesque show. We enjoyed another night of nerdy goodness, raunch, and quirky comedy. This time we got to see Grandpa Rick in his BDSM leather gear, Linda Belcher performing her ‘mom dance’ striptease, Velma, the Joker, and a wicked Alice in Wonderland.

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After a full day of excitement, we were spent. Con fatigue, as Blake called it, had finally taken its toll, and we went home exhausted, but full from an eventful day.

Day two was a shopping day. What I failed to mention about day one was that there was so much to take in on the merch floor that we both went into the kind sensory overload that only introverts who prefer book and video game characters to flesh and bone humans would understand.

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See, the merch floor is exactly what it sounds like: a place for all of us nerds to gawk at the geeky wares and spend money Fry style on manga, comics, art, figurines, cosplay props, costumes, and Japanese snacks.

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But we started small, needing time to get our minds right for the cesspool of human contact, loud noises, and merchandise that lay ahead. We ventured first to the oasis that was the manga library (where I could have stayed forever.)

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This was where Blake began doing minimal damage to his pockets and purchased the entire set of Mega Man. Then it was into the abyss where things got so out of hand we had to make a trip to the car to unload our stash before going back to buy more.

Witness the full extent of @blackmageblake loot 😆 We really had a great time at @supercon2018 thanks 🙏🏾 to @quirktastic_co #nerdgasm #blackgamers #nerdlesque #manga #mangalibrary #anime #animecouple #blackbloggers #foodblogger #comics #followus #follow #blacknerd #gamer #marvel #comiccon #adventuretime #narutoshippuden #bloggers #bloglife #bloggerlifestyle #powerrangers #watchmystory #megaman #onepiece #loot #cartoonnetwork #dccomics #kingdomhearts #naruto

(minimal damage)

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(Max damage)


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To cap off our day of indulgence we bought some Japanese snacks and tried them in the room. Unfortunately, we had to wave the white flag on day three. The first two days took us out and the majority of the third day was spent catching up on Luke Cage and editing our vlog footage.

Raleigh Supercon was a loud, crowded, chaotic experience. We laughed, we cried (after the merch floor), we marveled, but best of all, we enjoyed being amongst people like us and experiencing this together. Thank you Quirktastic!

To see the full extent of what Blake and I got up to at Supercon follow us on Instagram @nerdy_quirky_adventures @sssimply_shannon @blackmageblake

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