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ID: Invaded Is The New Murder Mystery Anime We Need In The New Year

ID: Invaded Is The New Murder Mystery Anime We Need In The New Year

ID: Invaded comprises of a virtual world that is literally falling apart.

Houses are crumbling, streets are tumbling, and land masses are colliding. To make matters worse, a mysterious girl only known as “Kaeru-chan” is murdered in this world. Detective Sakaido has to find her killer in the unstable world around him, and this isn’t without difficulty. At some points, it appears he is literally unraveling at the seams as he attempts to solve the crime. Though there aren’t many details yet aside from talented creators in charge of visuals, the trailer alone leaves us with enough to be impatient for 2020 to arrive. 

Ei Aoki is directing the anime, whose most notable works include Re:CREATORS, Aldnoah Zero, and of course Fate/Zero. If the concept art and world building look familiar, it’s because it’s thanks to Yoshiro Sono of Psycho-Pass and Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. Partnering with main animator Daisuke Mataga (Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-) it’s no wonder the visuals truly reflect the feeling of disconnect and disarray and this Inception-like virtual world. Another Fate creator is on the team, as character designs are left to Atsushi Ikariya (Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel, Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works). Sakaido’s voice may also sound familiar, as he is voiced by Kenjiro Tsuda of Attack on Titan (Hannes), Fire Force (Joker), and One Punch Man (Atomic Samurai). With this kind of staff, ID: Invaded is sure to be a hit!

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