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15 GIFs That Best Express Our Reactions To Avengers: Endgame (SPOILERS)

15 GIFs That Best Express Our Reactions To Avengers: Endgame (SPOILERS)

Avengers Endgame Gif Reaction

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I saw Avengers: Endgame last night and MAN, do I have a lot to say…

In GIF form, of course!

Because there was just so much to unpack to me personally… and all the feeeels…

Just… You’ll see what I mean right now.

When Thanos Kept Getting That Glove And Would Put His Snapping Fingers Together:

When The Women Banned Together To Take That Glove To The Field Goal:

Seeing Robert Downey Jr.’s Dedication To His Character’s Physique After Being Stranded Out In Space:

When Thor Handed His Throne To A Sista:

When Captain America Passed The Torch To A Brotha:

When We Saw The Black Panther Crew Slay In Their Funeral Attire:

When Thor, The God Of Thunder, Is Suffering From Depression/Distress/PTSD And Is Fat-Shamed For Gaining Weight When The Situation Could’ve Made For A Meaningful Story Arc:

When We Secretly Feelin’ Thanos If He Wasn’t Mentally Deranged In The Way Light From Death Note Was #ABetterWorldMyFoot:

When We Saw Tony Stark Come Full Circle:

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When We Watched Scarlet Witch Kick Thanos’ Butt After Telling Him “You Will KNOW Who I Am!”:

Captain America And Thor’s Hammer:

When We Lost Iron Man:

When The Credits Roll And You Thoroughly Appreciate The Gift Of Special Effects and Animation In General:


When It Got To The End Of The Movie And You Were Able To Take A Nap, Play A Game Of Chess, Complete Pokemon Yellow From Start To Finish And Still Saw Thanos Sitting There:

When You’re In Denial And Are Waiting For The Sneak Peek At The End Of The Credits Despite EVERYONE Telling You There Isn’t One Anymore:

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