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A Victor And Valentino Appreciation Post For (A More) Prideful Cinco De Mayo

A Victor And Valentino Appreciation Post For (A More) Prideful Cinco De Mayo

Victor and Valentino Cinco de Mayo Appreciation

Featured Image by Cartoon Network

Have you watched Victor and Valentino yet?! It’s a Latin-inspired cartoon and it’s been preeeetty awesome! And what better day to start watching it than on Cinco de Mayo?!

Sure, a lot of non-Latinos spend Cinco de Mayo drinking. And even though that’s not what the holiday is about at all and can be considered highkey racist and misrepresented (it’s not even really celebrated in Mexico)… We felt like this could be a good time to share something Latinx (and everyone else!) can be proud of!

We mentioned the cartoon’s debut in an earlier post dedicated to cartoons you need to watch while waiting for the Steven Universe Movie, but now that it’s aired 12 episodes by the time this is published, let’s dive a little deeper into this unique cartoon!

Diego Molano–creator of the show–developed this Latin American folklore cartoon because he was ready to see more representation in the historically mythological realm than just Greek mythology.

So after its original pilot back int 2016, Victor and Valentino was given the O-K to become a series and aired its first episode March 30th, 2019 in the United States and Latin America.


Since then, we’ve gotten to know Victor (far right, and voiced by Diego Molano himself) who’s a rambunctious and energetic troublemaker, and Valentino (left) who’s the cautious and levelheaded half brother of Victor.

Abuela Chata Victor and Valentino Cinco de Mayo Appreciation

But there’s plenty of other characters to take note of including the sweet and sassy, yet stern Abuela Chata who seems to have some supernatural powers. OooooOoOoOooOOOo!! (She also appears to be blind too, yay representation!).

Charlene Victor and Valentino Cinco De Mayo Appreciation

The dark and mysterious Charlene (who’s after Victor’s heart). She loves the supernatural and tends to have a little fun with the brothers by summoning them into their lives (and adventures!).

Julio Don Jalepeno Victor and Valentino Cinco de Mayo Appreciation

Julio Jalapeno runs the jalapeno stand in Monte Cabre and is pretty well-versed about the supernatural himself!

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Xochi Victor and Valentino Cinco de Mayo Appreciation

Xochi Jalapeno, who’s the teen daughter of Julio “Don” Jalapeno, acts too cool for… well, almost anything… And tends to the supernatural plant shop.

And there’s so many more characters that add to the fun of the show.

But the biggest note to make is the supernatural itself!

Molano based the ghost and ghouls that visit Monte Cabre off of Mesoamerican folklore. And the Mesoamerican roots are truly seen here, where the supernatural just, well, naturally exists with everyone!

Victor and Valentino is a colorful and refreshing cartoon that has nowhere near worn-out its welcome.

With each new mystery and more ways for the polar opposite half-brothers to bond, everyone young and old will ultimately fall for this show that is rich in culture, laughs, and lessons!

Have you watched Victor and Valentino yet? What’s been your favorite episode so far?

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