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Iron Circus’ Sci-Fi Anthology “FTL Y’all!” Tackles Space Travel In A Fun And Imaginative Way

Iron Circus’ Sci-Fi Anthology “FTL Y’all!” Tackles Space Travel In A Fun And Imaginative Way

A comics anthology about an Earth where anyone and everyone has access to the stars!

Six months from now, detailed schematics anonymously uploaded to the Internet will describe, in perfect detail,how to build a faster-than-light engine for $200 in easily-available parts. Space travel will become instantly—and chaotically—democratized. The entire cosmos will be within reach of all humankind.  FTL,Y’all!  the newest graphic novel anthology from Iron Circus comics, details what happens next.

In this visionary science fiction anthology edited by C. Spike Trotman and Amanda Lafrenais, a striking array of new voices from across the field of comics tackles humanity’s biggest questions with a disarmingly small prompt: what would happen if we could escape?

Chock full of some of the most anticipated new voices in comics, FTL Y’all! explores this interesting branch of science fiction with an artistically masterful flair, combining dynamic illustrations, strong voice, and a carefree, witty humor to present several stories that touch upon the ethics of space travel, and how it would affect not only our society, but the greater universe at large.

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FTL, Y’all! also tackles important topics through its storytelling, interweaving contemporary issues like immigration, climate change, the prison industrial complex, political commentary, and so much more into each tale. Even with the seriousness of the issues explored, FTL, Y’all! never stops being fun, and continues to build upon the creativity of sci-fi and space travel to explore humanity in a refreshing, quirky new lens.

FTL, Y’all! is sure to be a memorable new addition to both sci-fi buffs and general audiences’ bookshelves everywhere! Check it out on Iron Circus Comics, when you get the chance!

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