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Why Is No One Talking About Jay Park’s YouTube Original Documentary??

Why Is No One Talking About Jay Park’s YouTube Original Documentary??

Jay Bum Park YouTube Documentary Chosen1

Jay Park fans rejoice. You’re getting a documentary courtesy of YouTube Originals.

On April 18th, 2019, Jay Park released a music video for his song “Dank”. The track comes from the 2-song long album, V, which Jay dropped last Fall. If you’re a Jay Park fan, you’re probably already aware of the album’s title BOP, “V”. Its music video was released the same day as the album release, but Jay gave a surprise treat with a music video for “Dank” as well.

There is no official confirmation on what this song is about. But it’s titled “Dank”, has the line “let’s get lifted and meet in the sky” and the video came out two days before 4/20. You do the math. Just kidding. Sorta. What was an even bigger surprise than the video itself is the announcement at the end of it.

Chosen1 Jay Park Youtube Documentary

Then on April 24th, 2019, almost a week later, a teaser trailer dropped on Jay’s official Youtube channel. In the video description box, it states,

“From his K-Pop stardom, exile, and come back, the series deliver Jay Park’s powerful story that chronicles his 10 year journey thus far, and what it means to be a successful Korean American in a culture that pigeon-holes its stars.”

In the trailer, you see a snippet of exclusive footage and hear Jay’s friends’, including Dumbfoundead, voices in the background. The voices heard state the already known. Korean artists who try to make it in the U.S. have it hard. It’s even harder when you’re in Hip Hop. However, times are changing. Jay has made some big steps, like getting signed to Hov’s record label, Roc Nation. Now the world watches. “Everyone’s looking right now to see like, ‘Ok, is it going to work?'” says the last person before the music in the trailer fades in.

On Sunday, April 28th, 2019 the official trailer dropped on YouTube and the anticipation is real. Within three hours of the video dropping, it is really close to hitting 25K views. In the minute long video you see some familiar faces like Dok2, Simon Dominic and Gray talking about Jay.

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Hopefully, this will give an inside look into Jay’s life, process and work. Jay Bum is a very hard working person. He doesn’t just do things to benefit himself — he thinks about the people around him. Can’t wait for this to come out.

So who is gonna take one for the team and give us the password to the community Youtube Premium?

Writer’s note: If you would like to read a review or general thoughts on the documentary, keep an eye out on my Medium blog.


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