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Just When You Thought You’d Seen “The Last of Us!”

Just When You Thought You’d Seen “The Last of Us!”

Finally, Naughty Dog has released another trailer for the much anticipated The Last of Us Part II.

The five minute clip is packed with more gore and suspense than a Stephen King novel and really has me wondering what this latest installment entails. After wooing almost every gamer with its splendid graphics, superior storytelling, and amazing gameplay mechanics, The Last of Us really set the tone for what a video game masterpiece should be and honestly Naughty Dog has its work cut out for it by continuing the story.

The trailer has fans stunned (myself included) and quick scroll through the #TheLastOfUsPartII hashtag on Twitter will show you the craziest fan theories concerning the identities of the brand new set of characters featured in the video.

I’m stoked for the new game and hope Naughty Dog doesn’t decide to do what Square Enix did with Final(ly) Fantasy XV.

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