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Keeping It Fresh With Tima Loves Lemons

Keeping It Fresh With Tima Loves Lemons

What inspired you to create content and how do you stay motivated?

I first started making content when I met my boyfriend Kevin a few years back in college. We both took an interest in camera work and started vlogging our trips together (since we were long distance at the time), and I gradually met other creators after. What keeps me from burning out is taking it day by day and not rushing to upload. Planning and scheduling is a must especially depending on the season. Keeping a journal has saved my life!

How did you become interested in Japanese and Korean Fashion?

I would say I became interested in Japanese/Korean Fashion/culture sometime during the beginning of high school. My love for it started from watching anime, reading manga/comics, and keeping up with the beauty trends/fashion online. It was always a dream of mine to visit both countries one day, and now that I’ve finally been, I’m happy to have studied the current trends firsthand and develop a different perspective.

What has been the most rewarding experience about content creating?

My most interesting/rewarding experience as a content creator was meeting those that watch me in person. Most of my time creating videos I’ve felt that someone with an introverted personality like mine wouldn’t be able to reach or inspire as many people as those who are super outgoing. I’ve learned since then that social media can be one of the most helpful tools for introverts to express themselves more openly and grow.
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 What was the most negative experience about content creating?

My worst experience was being affected by what negative commenters are saying online. I’ve definitely gotten over this, but in the beginning, it was really tough. No matter how nice you try to be, or how positive you are, there will always be someone out there that doesn’t like you and that is OKAY. lol

Were you always interested in fashion/fashion content?

When I was younger I was mostly interested in drawing, playing guitar, and reading (pretty much keeping to myself). I didn’t get into fashion and makeup until my last year of high school. It was then that I started watching youtube tutorials which helped grow my interest in changing up my look. I would literally wait until my parents were asleep and practice putting on eyeliner and mascara. 

How do you feel you’ve grown or changed since you’ve begun as a YouTuber?

My confidence has definitely gotten better since I’ve started my youtube channel. Before making videos I’ve always seen myself as someone behind the camera, so in the beginning, it was really challenging for me to get used to sharing my life with others online and public speaking. It’s something I still struggle with, but I’m enjoying the process!

Advice to aspiring content creators of color on how to stand out, grow their channel and keep their content fresh?

As a content creator of color, my advice to others would be to use your uniqueness as an advantage. We really don’t do that enough just because we’re brainwashed into thinking that others won’t be interested in watching people of color online. That’s not to say it isn’t harder for us more than others to succeed, but we really need to believe that we are just as worthy of growth like everyone else.
Supporting those in our community is a must, and that is the only way we can truly grow and continue to break barriers as influencers. As far as keeping content fresh, I would say find a few things that interest you, and cycle those topics around each week in your videos to give your audience something different each time. Having a set schedule helps too! (which is something I need to start doing haha).

Fatima continues to make content as Tima Loves Lemons on Youtube. You can check her out here!

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