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Kingdom Hearts 3 Review: The Wait Is Over

Kingdom Hearts 3 Review: The Wait Is Over

After a very long period of time (13 years), we finally get the sequel to Kingdom Hearts 2. That wait has paid off my friends.

I should say that there have been other entries into the series that came before. It’s not a direct sequel per say, but it is the follow up. We are back with our favorite trio: Sora, Donald, and Goofy, on a journey fighting all kinds of Heartless.

The graphics in this game are phenomenal. Usually, when games are first announced with trailers, you take it with a grain of salt. You tell yourself “the game can’t possibly look that good on the actual software engine.” Well, this game achieved that level of excellency that is so hard for most games to deliver.

This bodes well for the game since the core component to this series is traveling to different worlds in the Disney movie universe. Each world you go to has a distinct vibrancy to it that makes it unique. For example, the ‘Tangled’ world is lush, forest green with lakes all around you; while the ‘Frozen world is just piles of snow and trekking on mountains. The ‘Frozen’ world can seem lackluster in comparison, but it’s beautiful in its own right.

One of the things that has been a highlight to the series since Kingdom Hearts 2 is the combat. Having the ability to change into different forms for different move sets and abilities. There was also the addition to  short quicktime events during the gameplay which added variety to the fights.

Kingdom Hearts 3 expands on this in multiple ways with each Keyblade (your weapon) having a form it can transform into. In addition to that form, it can turn into another form where it lets you fight another way. An example of this is my current favorite, the ‘Monsters Inc.’ world Keyblade. It can turn into a pair of claw gauntlets, then after that it can turn into yo-yo’s. I can fight with yo-yo’s! What more do you need?

The story behind the Kingdom Hearts series has always been an experience. I personally believe that it got to be a bit too much because they’ve added a lot of elements to the story.

Any newcomers or individuals that have not played a Kingdom Hearts game between KH2 and KH3 will be lost. I do recommend going to YouTube and looking up videos that explain the story in full before you play this game, in case you want to follow along with the story.

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The game does try to give some background into what has happened, but it’s easier to just know beforehand. With an expansive narrative such as this one, the franchise had to keep it going forward.

The highlight of this game to me personally, is the music. The series has always been phenomenal when it comes to the music. From the title screen,to the opening cinematic song, and the many worlds, this game does a wonderful job with immersing you with the music and sounds.

This game is filled with so much that it can feel a bit overwhelming, but it is a fun experience that you should definitely indulge in. For fans of the series, there is going to be so much nostalgia and excitement at the things you can do.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is the game that fans of the series have been waiting for. It delivers a lot of content and will not disappoint!

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