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Let’s Get Ready To Rumble! The Importance Of Female Wrestling

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble! The Importance Of Female Wrestling

You’re seated in the arena, pumped with energy and filled with excitement as you anticipate the main event. Then it happens: the lights go down… the music plays..and the stage comes alive!


There they are: some of the baddest female wrestlers ever, suited up, and ready to battle down on historical stages across the world! The female division of wrestling has been in the US  since the late 1930’s, and its grown ever since. But female wrestling is more than just seeing girls walk around in flashy, skimpy outfits, and prance around the ring. The female division of wrestling is important for a multitude of reasons, and it’s a force to be reckoned with now more than ever!

If WWE landing the baddest woman on the planet isn’t enough to get your fired up it should be! UFC champion Ronda Rousey recently signed on to professional wrestling, and she’s been kicking butt ever since!

She’s brought her judo style with her from UFC fighting with the armbar lock, and a standing reverse kata guruma. If that name isn’t scary enough, then maybe the move will chill your bones: Ronda gets you on her shoulders in a fireman’s carry, locking her arm around your thigh and arm. She twists with enough momentum to slam you flat on your back. Just in case your wondering, yes, she has done it to men…Triple H included!

This is one of the top reasons female wrestling sticks out to me. As with other fighting avenues, female wresting breaks the mold and the “ceiling” so to speak, as it allows women equal opportunity to fight  through primetime matches, and the ability to deliver hardcore moves that can rival their male counterparts. Not only does it allow equality but it also allows attitude  of respect from women and men alike.

While the women can kick butt and handle themselves as they please, female wrestling provides true diversity for women across the masses. These women of color range from Hispanic, Japanese, to Samoan and aborigines. Several diverse cultures have been able to make success and build generational acclaim fighting in the wrestling arena. And it isn’t just representation of women of color, but representation of body positivity in all shapes or sizes!

Take Nia Jax: a female wrestler who has been with WWE since 2014. Nia is apart of the Anoai or–in my opinion–(Samoan royalty) family, and is a plus sized model. After facing body shaming by the goddess Alexa Bliss, she gets her chance to defeat her in Wrestlemania and win the title of RAW Woman’s championship! She’s gone onto win several awards for her message of body positivity and her moves in the ring. This is extremely important because it proves that you don’t have to be the A-typical, classically beautiful American woman to truly succeed. You can love yourself, be who you are as a woman, and truly embrace whatever shape or size you are.

Now, I know for all the skeptics there’s the burning thought – all wrestling is fake right?

I beg to differ, but that’s a separate article. What I will say is that wrestling will ask the audience to suspend disbelief, if only for a moment, and play along in the fantasy. As a true lover of all things sci-fi and fantasy, this is what makes female wrestling so important to me.

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Each woman is able to come out into the ring and play their character, whatever that may be. And for a woman of color there is no bounds. You have Ember Moon: a fierce diva who comes alive only at the rise of blood moon, and when she’s on the prowl you better watch out because she’s coming to devour.

Or, Naomi: with the electric green hair whose character is glow. When dark tries to encompass her she glows up the room like the zenith she is and dominates her stage! There are so many other amazing women character:  Alexa Bliss the Goddess, Charlotte Flair the Queen, the Bella Twins, ASUKA – the list is endless!

Each character allows that woman to become more than herself, and play in a fantasy arena where women can empower each other and dominate. And, the women aren’t always pitted against each other. They are multiple team ups where both women who are at the top of their game can get together and defeat ‘petty betties’. It’s the same as watching your favorite TV show or movie and wishing you could act it out as your favorite character. The only difference is that female wrestlers do get to act it out–and that’s a cool way to live.

Female wrestling is important for all these factors and more. The diversity, equality, and importance of representation of skin tones, body shapes, personalities are more prevalent in wrestling than most industries. Being able to look on a screen and see your wrestler or character – the one you identify with and see them kick butt too is an amazing feeling. These women, while not perfect, also strive to be great role models. The culmination of that on top of being able to watch your favorite characters battle in front of you as well as owning a stage the way they do and its something to definitely keep your eyes peeled on!

As the anchor would say, “Let’s get ready to rumble!”

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