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Let’s Recap: The Walking Dead 9A [No Spoilers]

Let’s Recap: The Walking Dead 9A [No Spoilers]

*This article does not include spoilers from the Season 9 mid-season finale*

If you’ll recall, in my previous article I expressed feelings and wishes for the future of The Walking Dead following the departure of the show’s lead protagonist Rick Grimes. You can read all about that here.

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes – The Walking Dead Season 9, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Since that article, it has been revealed that the beloved leader will lead and carry three movies for the franchise.  It can be assumed that the movies will somehow revolve around his time away from Team Family, presumably in this six year time skip. Now that TWD has had its mid-season finale, let’s recap the first half of season 9 and take a look at some of the events from the previous article that came to pass since we last discussed the show.

Michonne is Not Here for the Shenanigans

Danai Gurira as Michonne – The Walking Dead Season 9, Episode 8 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

As expected, our good sis is still grieving. Aside from the devastating loss of Rick, we aren’t sure what transpired between the communities over the course of six years. However, a major altercation of some sort must have occurred (particularly with Hilltop/Maggie) because the lack of communication and energy bleeds through the screen like ink on paper. Michonne has become quite hardened and once the details of the in-between time are revealed, hopefully we will know why. Our Queen Samurai made it known in the past that she wanted to fulfill Carl’s wishes for a world bigger than them; however, as we’ve seen post-Rick, she is no longer feeling it.

Baby Richonne Lives

No matter how tragic and bittersweet it may be, Richonne fans can relish in the fact that Rick left a major piece of himself behind for Michonne. Their baby boy RJ was revealed in episode 6. Though we all wanted the leading couple to have a child, it’s heartbreaking to know Michonne must raise their son alone, and Rick has no idea RJ exists.

Daryl Speaks!

Daryl Dixon with Dog

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Daryl may have been living in the wilderness without people after Rick’s departure, but he did find someone new to care about! Dog, the dog! It’s actually adorable, okay? Also, he and Carol maintaining their friendship is quite sweet and the fact that he’s speaking above a grumbling grunt is strides in the right direction.

The Murderous Whisperers are Whispering

The Whisperers
If you haven’t seen the mid-season finale you might want to check that out…From what we’ve seen so far, the whisperers arc is shaping up to be quite eerie. The terrifying horror many fans have long awaited to be interlaced back into the show has arrived. Here for it!

The void created by Rick Grime’s absence is still there, but let’s keep our hopes high for 9B and beyond. Thus far, the pacing of the show seems to be kicking into high gear. The arc ahead is sure to be an exciting roller-coaster ride of emotions and trauma. The show returns in February, take a look at the 9B trailer down below!

How do you feel about the shows new direction sans Rick Grimes? The Whisperers? Maggie’s “temporary” departure? Tell us all about your feels on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

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