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Louder Than Life Festival Has All Your Favorite Bands For Your Head Banging Needs

Louder Than Life Festival Has All Your Favorite Bands For Your Head Banging Needs

The Louder Than Life festival will return at the end of September to start off the fall season right.

Coming back from a cancellation in 2018, Louder Than Life is featuring more than 50 groups for the Kentucky performance. “We wouldn’t be living up to the name Louder Than Life if we didn’t come back bigger and badder than ever,” said festival producer Danny Wimmer in a press release. And bigger it is! One of the bands in the line-up is Staind, returning for their first public performance in five years. We should all play “For You” on repeat for the nostalgia.

And Staind isn’t the only band making a grand return.

Going on their fourth year without singer Adam Gontier, Three Days Grace is still going strong. Their vocals may be different, but the deep songs connecting to inner struggle are still a commonality. “Animal I have Become” and “I Hate Everything About You” may always have a place in our hearts, but “Fallen Angel” and “The Abyss” deserve just as much love.

This festival is giving us the bands we love all in one place.

If the line-up doesn’t persuade you, I don’t know what will. Classic bands like Rob Zombie, Guns N’ Roses, and Slipknot are definitely old favorites. Joining them are Disturbed, Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, and even more big names for your alternative needs. Wimmer admits, “Slipknot has always had some of the most loyal, rabid fans in rock, but now they are at that pivotal moment when they’ve crossed over into iconic status; Disturbed has had their best touring numbers to date this year; then top it off with one of the biggest rock bands of all time in Guns N’ Roses…this year is our most massive lineup yet.”


This festival proves that rock is not dead

Over the past few years, plenty in the music industry and out have touted that “rock is dead”, having been apparently overtaken by Hip-Hop and Pop for mainstream consumption. But that couldn’t be further from the truth, especially when looking at the enormity that is this year’s Louder Than Life’s festival, and the bands that are in the lineup.

Several of the bands headlining the festival have released new albums in the past year (along with thriving tours ) and are set to release new albums in 2019. Slipknot, in particular, is getting ready for a new album later this year after nearly a 5 year hiatus. Talk about a comeback!

And with the rabid excitement from both fans and the bands themselves, and with festival passes already selling out, it’s very clear that this genre’s back on the come-up, and it’s not going anywhere.

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Louder Than Life festival will take place September 27-29 2019, at the Highland Festival Grounds at the KY Expo Center. Festival passes are available to purchase here




**Written by Larissa Irankunda & Anjé McLish

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