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Manga Review: Yugami-kun Doesn’t Need Friends

Manga Review: Yugami-kun Doesn’t Need Friends

In a world where anime seems driven solely by the awesome power of friendship, what if there was one that just… wasn’t? Meet Yugami Yuuji, the intelligent, handsome ace pitcher for the baseball team. He’d be the perfect protagonist, if it weren’t for just one thing….


Yugami declaring he does not need friends
Yugami plz

We meet Yugami through the eyes of Watanuki Chihiro, the sweet but painfully awkward transfer student. Chihiro is desperate to make friends, and her eagerness to please is as endearing as it is pathetic. Yugami, on the other hand, is so unabashedly direct that he comes off as arrogant and rude to nearly everyone he interacts with. A lesser character might take this an indication to learn, grow and change. Luckily Yugami is above such things. 

chihiro jealous of fish for being stress-free
Aw Chihiro

The result is a madcap slice of life series that follows the ridiculous circumstances of Chihiro, Yugami, and their assorted acquaintances up through graduation. If you’re looking for heartfelt confessions, the power of change, and romantic tropes… this ain’t it, chief. Yugami’s unconventional independence influences every event. As a result, the stories seem more genuine even in their absurdity. Characters space out, misunderstand, spread gossip, dislike each other, jump to conclusions and get creeped out like normal kids. 

Yugami freaking out over love letter
Yugami, it’s a love letter. Chill.

Chihiro and Yugami’s relationship is oddly symbiotic. While she acts as a Yugami translator at times, he encourages her to be a little more independent. Though they both refuse to acknowledge the connection as ‘friendship,’ there’s no denying that they mean a lot to each other. It’s not your typical shoujo trope-fest. 

Yugami making Chihiro pay him for an umbrella
I ship it tho

The series doesn’t let any character off easy. Everyone is heroic, contradictory, sympathetic and human. No one is always right or always wrong. Some characters are maybe a little less smug about it though.

Chihiro's face
Yeah, Chihiro, I’m done with Yugami’s shit too

If you need another reason to check it out, the art and character design is adorable. Reddit user sankifast is responsible for several excellent collages. Best girl Chihiro’s face over the course of the series is amazing

Chihiro Watanuki collage by sankifast via Reddit


How to check out this gem of a series? Transmerei Scans and Golden Roze Scans have released fan translations. Yugami-kun was also popular enough to have a few short TV spots animated in Japan. You can see the infamous umbrella scene on YouTube below.


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The future seems bright! For now, we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a full anime series. Fans are also asking for an English localized translation. Help with the effort by requesting the publisher Seven Seas Entertainment consider a wide release! Once you finish up the series, head over to Reddit to break it down with all the other fans. 



cast color sketch and thanks
The final goodbye from the mangaka’s Twitter
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