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Maria Frantz Imagines A Beautiful New Fantasy Tale In Debut Graphic Novel “The Chancellor And The Citadel”

Maria Frantz Imagines A Beautiful New Fantasy Tale In Debut Graphic Novel “The Chancellor And The Citadel”

From Iron Circus comics comes a brand new, breathtaking fantasy for fans of Noelle Stevenson, Emily Carroll, Hope Larson, and Faith Erin Hicks.

Created by Maria Frantz, The Chancellor and The Citadel is a dramatic and deeply imaginative tale about a ruined world’s sworn protector, who struggles to keep a fracture in the populace from breaking out into violence.

Inspired by the civil unrest spurned following the 2016 presidential election, Frantz created The Chancellor and The Citadel as a story that operates as an fantasy allegory for our own society. In its plot and world building, The Chancellor and The Citadel subtly addresses the causes and effects of violence— both at the personal and political levels— in an age appropriate, page-turning tale of magic and heroism.


The world is over. All that remains is the Citadel, and the Chancellor who protects it from the hostility beyond its walls. But what can she do when a fearful and angry mob is convinced she brought the world to ruin in the first place, and are determined to make her pay for it by destroying the one bastion of hope the world has left?

The Chancellor And The Citadel also explores poignant issues of gender equality and female empowerment. In the world Frantz has built, the characters break down gender stereotypes in a refreshing change of pace for the fantasy genre. Females have a chance to be powerful and assertive, and males are allowed to be uncertain, sensitive, and emotional.

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The Chancellor And The Citadel is an incredibly impressive and richly imagined graphic novel debut. Maria Frantz has managed to create a brisk and poignant fantasy tale about the fears that lead to war, and the bonds that can keep a stronghold standing against the darkness.

There is no doubt that once you pick this newest graphic novel out, you won’t be able to put it down!

With beautiful illustrations and awe-inspiring world building, The Chancellor And The Citadel is set to be one of those stories that sticks with you for a long time.

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