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Meet Heart Society: “Wake The Queens” EP Review

Meet Heart Society: “Wake The Queens” EP Review

To be honest, I couldn’t tell you how Heart Society ended up on my facebook. It was like when U2 uploaded their album to everyones phone. I started noticing their posts and live videos, and eventually decided to give their EP a listen and…

I’m so very glad I did! To quote “Heart Society’s infectious, groove-heavy blend of Folk/Soul Rock ‘n Roll will make you want to get out of your seat and dance, and Teneia’s inspiring vocals will stir your heart. The band’s debut EP Wake the Queens is centered on female empowerment and unapologetic authenticity, and is an invitation for every listener to shed convention and become a powerful force for good in the world.”

The “Wake The Queens” EP is a solid list of tracks that you wont have to press pause on. For any of you looking for a nice easy listen of soul + rock’n’roll, Heart Sociey delivers in a powerhouse package. The combination of instrumentals and vocals were the perfect soundtrack to my morning routine. I left the house feeling like I could take on the world, and to be honest, I had the MOST productive day I’ve had all week. Also, the diverse range is good for any occasion. In the mood to take on the worlds problems? Try “What’s On Your Mind, Kid?”, a soul+rock fusion about keeping it moving and fighting forward. Want a laid back track on a nice day? Try out “Boxes”, a song that allows you to self reflect about what you want out of this life. And if you’re looking for a positive woman power track, the title song “Wake the Queens” is the perfet rise up and love yourself track!

On top of the music being wonderful, I reached out to the band about a quote for their EP and they responded, checked out Quirktastic, and said they loved the site! They engage with fans are humble and kind as hell. They hustle to get their art to the world, and their dedication to music is so evident in what they put out.

Keep your eyes on these guys. They’re going to go far!

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