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Melanin Takeover: Facebook Group Invades Otakon

Melanin Takeover: Facebook Group Invades Otakon

What happens when 100 Blerds from one Facebook group get together for an entire weekend for a memorable experience?

Voila, magic.

Urban Anime Lounge (UAL) hosted their second annual meetup in Washington, D.C. on August 10-12, 2018 during one of the largest anime conventions in the U.S., Otakon.

UAL started out as a Facebook group and has expanded their community beyond just having an online presence. Since 2016, the group has grown from 500 to 5k members where everyone chops it up, meets in-person locally, and really hones that friendship trope with other like-minded individuals.

For many of us, being a Blerd has been a lonely journey. For others, it has been a blessing to have other Blerds and quirky people in their corners. UAL has brought these types of blerds together for an annual meetup. UAL found success in its inaugural meetup in Atlanta for Dragon Con 2017. Next stop … Washington, D.C.

On Friday, UAL hosted a Glow in the Dark “social” in the same house used for filming in the Netflix series House of Cards. Let members tell it, and possibly Lauren from Quirktastic, 3 different parties went down. Some stayed in the glow area with Wakandan-style face paint, swag surfin and vibin.


Others who preferred a more chill environment, found themselves in the basement playing Cards Against Humanity, UNO, and Super Smash Bros. Of course, those that went outside to the Oasis Courtyard and rooftop, awaited their demise in Spades while burgers and people got cooked. Pun intended.

Oasis Rooftop

Saturday morning, meetup attendees split into groups. Some people started their day with art and a light breakfast for the #ArtistsOfUAL event led by Astronym.

#ArtistsOfUAL x Jojo

Others invaded Otakon dressed as their favorite heroes and villains for UAL’s Marvel vs DC group cosplay.

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#UALCosplay x Otakon 2018

Later on that day, everyone got back together for the virtual reality game night and Moscow Mules also known as “Prep Time.”

The meetup ended with a fitness class for the UAL GetFit community followed by a farewell brunch prepared and served by the AdMod team. The feels were present as attendees departed to go back to our daily lives. The third annual meetup is set in Dallas, June 7-9 during A-Kon 2019.

Sunday Farewell Brunch

But wait! We’re not just all fun and games. UAL makes sure to leave a positive impact on each community they host their meetups in. Members raised $630 for D.C.’s homeless community by providing the Central Union Mission with hygiene boxes that contained toiletries and kind words.

Fresh Start Boxes

If you’re looking to check out next year’s meetup in Dallas, TX, make sure to join our group, Urban Anime Lounge, and follow our Like Page for upcoming events and updates! Much love and anime.

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