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#WitchingHour: Have No Fear! Mercury Retrograde Isn’t As Scary As You Think

#WitchingHour: Have No Fear! Mercury Retrograde Isn’t As Scary As You Think

Once in awhile during the year we hear Mercury is retrograde. 

At this point, it feels like such a common occurrence that people make jokes about it. 

Others acknowledge they’re constantly in Mercury retrograde struggles.

But what is Mercury retrograde? And why do people tend to freak out so much? Mercury retrograde is the phenomenon when the planet Mercury appears to be moving backwards. It isn’t actually moving backwards, however; from Earth it’s an illusion that Mercury is in full reverse across the sky. Since Mercury is the Roman god of communication, travel, and commerce, these tend to be “affected” by Mercury retrograde.

With the planet seemingly moving backwards, our lives also begin to feel backwards.

At times it feels as if everything we knew is suddenly turned on our head. Miscommunication ensues, the printer smells your fear more than ever, and that pesky ex wormed their way back into your life. It feels like utter madness. But, Mercury retrograde doesn’t necessarily need to be a bad thing. It’s easy for it to feel that way, especially with last retrograde occurring during Cancer season and eclipse season; both of which were very high powered and highly emotional times. Mercury’s current retrograde in Scorpio season (until the 20th!) has us more diligent than usual, while embracing the truth and reality of situations.

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Retrograde teaches us to be more cautious and mindful.

You may often hear that you shouldn’t make any drastic decisions during this time period. It may seem over the top, but stop and think about what slowing down could do for you. Not making brash choices allows us to take more time to contemplate what we really need in our lives and what’s beneficial for us. Electronics are something else to be wary of, as during retrograde things seem to go wrong with them. Cell phones crack and important documents don’t save. Here, it’s pretty hard to control what’s happening and you may question is this really all chalked up to retrograde. But, one thing you CAN do is careful read any document that comes your way. If you’re typing a paper or creating a presentation, double check your work. Being a tad more careful than usual won’t hurt, even if you don’t believe Mercury retrograde has any effect.

Then there’s those former lovers coming back to bite us.

Sure exes pop back in our lives during the most inconvenient times, but Mercury retrograde seems to bring them back full force. You may notice a “What’s up?” text come your way, or even the dreaded “I miss you,” from the ghost of bad relationship past. How you respond is what’s important. Even if exes come back, you don’t need to entertain their return. They may have come back to remind you of what you don’t want for yourself. Sometimes the even return to test our resolve. You can let that certain someone back in, or you can continue with your life in letting them go.

Other planets retrograde too.

Mercury isn’t the only planet that retrogrades! Other planets do so also, but Mercury tends to get all the love/hate. Fairly recently, Pluto exited retrograde and went direct. During this period anything from our past that we buried came into the light. With Pluto being the planet of transformation, this was a time to reflect and rethink our current lives. The things we were hiding, especially our deepest desires, came out to remind us to take action. Nothing can stay hidden for long, and Pluto direct taught us that. Each retrograde can teach us something, whether that something is out of our comfort zone or not.

Mercury retrograde is unavoidable, so try to embrace it and learn from it!

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